Date: Tuesday 8th February, 2018

Venue: Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar – 6:30pm – 9:00pm.

Minutes of Meeting

Present: Les Cooper, Paul Mooney, Ted Noone, Steve Potter, Peter Taylor, Chris Truesdale, Ron Truesdale, Colin Wood

  1. Apologies for absence:

Scott Broadhurst, Ernest Connell, Roger Dewhurst, Harvey Hunting, Paul Lucas, Derek Molyneux, Steve Ramsden, Eric Shufflebotham, Nick Thompson, David Walsh, Tony Williams


  1. Minutes of the A.G.M. held on the 23rd January, 2017 - Matters Arising.

These were agreed as a correct record, subject to an amendment to item 7. "Election of Club Officials for 2016". This should read 2017.


There were no matters arising not dealt with under other items.


  1. Treasurer’s report (Colin)

CW presented the accounts for the calendar year 2017, which had been circulated previously. He reported that:

£167.65 was carried forward from 2016.

£90 was collected in annual subscriptions last year, at £5 per head. This was the same as for 2016.

Income from match day subscriptions again just about covered pitch fees home and away (allowing for contributions from our opponents).

Major additional items of expenditure during 2017 included £271.30 for pizzas following home matches. This was largely recouped through subs, though there was some help from club funds.

There was currently £257.07 in Outcasts' bank account. This would be reduced by £7.20 shortly for web site fees.

There was an additional £10 'float' not included in the balance sheet figures.


The meeting thanked Colin for his accurate bookkeeping.


  1. Captain’s report (Chris)

Chris T presented the captain's report for 2017. He reported that:

Playing Record

From an original fixture list of 21 matches, Outcasts won 4, lost 10 and one exciting tie.

6 matches had to be cancelled for one reason or another.


David Walsh scored most runs - 239 from 11 innings with a best of 71 not out, 29 x 4's and 6 x 6's at an average of 59.75.

Steve P scored 200 from 10 innings with a best of 62 at an average of 28.57.

Paul M and Chris T were joint top wicket takers with 12, both had a best of 3 for 7. Chris’s average was 14.58 and an economy of 5.30 from 33 overs. Paul’s average was 15.33 and an economy of 4.45 from 41 overs, which was also the most bowled during the season.

Fielding stats show Andy B and Colin W as top catchers with 6 each.

Paul M made the most appearances with 13 and Colin W 12.

The Silver Boot was jointly awarded to David Walsh and Steve Potter.

The Champagne Moment Award went jointly to Eric S and Jeff Stanton.

The Golden Duck was jointly awarded to Andy B and Colin W.


Personal Milestones

Ted N passed 1000 career runs from 104 innings, and 50 career wickets.

Steve P passed 3000 career runs from 171 innings,

David W passed 500 career runs from 28 innings (half of those from last season !).

Chris T passed 100 career wickets.

Paul M passed 100 career wickets.

Roger D passed 1000 career overs.


He pointed out that batting had been the Outcasts' main shortcoming in 2017. Whereas 80 runs had often been enough to set a competitive score in the past, now a total of 120 was required, and it became apparent that we simply couldn't be relied upon to set or chase down such a total. He also observed that many of the opposition were able to call on the services of club players to boost their squads, and this often made the difference, especially in tight matches.


The meeting thanked Chris for his report.


  1. Social Secretary’s report (Ted)

Ted Noone presented his Social Secretary's report. He recorded that:

Les had organised a ramble for the 6th April, but there had been no takers,

The annual tour of Dorset had taken place at the end of June, flagging up two of Outcasts' 4 wins throughout the season,

The planned trip to Old Trafford on the 26th July to watch Lancashire v Notts in the T20 competition had been aborted due to bad weather,

The annual golf tournament had taken place on the 1st September at Boysnope, with Les the winner. It was noted that a different venue would be needed for 2018, as the Boysnope course would no longer be available,

Several members had journeyed to Bruges for a short visit at the end of September,

Friday 3rd November saw the annual Outcasts' Awards Dinner, organised by 2016's joint Silver Boot recipients Chris Truesdale and Jeff Stanton. The dinner venue was Rozafa's Greek restaurant on Princess Street in the city centre of Manchester, with the actual awards taking place in the Director's Box bar.

An Outcasts' Curry Night, proposed by Raj, failed to materialise, but we live in hope for 2018,

A Pie and Peas Supper took place on the evening of 12th December at the Stalybridge Buffet Bar,

Several Outcasts attended the Manchester Beer Festival on the 25th January,


The meeting thanked Ted for his report, and for his efforts in coordinating Outcasts' social activities throughout the year.


  1. Constitution of the Committee (Position of Chairman)

After a brief discussion it was agreed that the role of Chair was useful in coordinating Outcasts' many activities, and that this post should be consolidated into the constitution of the club.


  1. Election of Club officials for 2018

Club Chairman: Peter Taylor was proposed, seconded, and unanimously elected to the role of Chair.

Team Captain: Chris Truesdale was proposed, seconded, and unanimously elected to the role of Team Captain.

Treasurer: Colin Wood was proposed, seconded, and unanimously elected to the role of Treasurer.

Team Co-ordinator: Steve Potter was proposed, seconded, and unanimously elected to the role of Team Co-ordinator.

Fixtures Secretary: Paul Mooney, in consultation with Chris Truesdale, was proposed, seconded, and unanimously elected to the role of Fixtures Secretary.

Social Secretary: Ted Noone was proposed, seconded, and unanimously elected to the role of Social Secretary.


  1. Club Subscriptions and Match Fees

Colin W put forward a number of recommendation regarding club subscriptions, match fees, etc, for the forthcoming season:

We keep annual playing membership subscriptions to £5 per person for 2018, subject to point 7 below.

We again encourage non-playing members to contribute £5 per head to help support the club and its social activities.

We keep home match day fees at £4 per player subject to there being no increase in pitch fees at Winton.

We raise enough through additional subs plus contributions from our opponents to cover the costs of any refreshments at home matches.

We continue to charge a variable fee for away matches depending on the pitch costs, refreshments, travel expenses, and our opponents’ contributions

Members buy their own refreshments at the AGM.

An additional levy is raised for the purchase of new club caps if members feel that current club funds are insufficient to meet demand. See item 11 on the Agenda.

Players wanting to replace their existing caps should do so out of their own pocket.

A decision is needed soon as to whether we continue to support the web site out of club funds. See item 9 on the Agenda.


After a short discussion, all these recommendations were agreed.


  1. Web Site

Les reported on the costs of running the web site (about £50 per annum on average - not including his own time and effort), and asked the meeting whether the general view was to keep the site going or to pull the plug. He would have liked more feedback on the layout and content of the site, and more contributions from club members.


The unanimous opinion of those present was that the web site performed an excellent function, and should continue to be maintained through club funds. It was agreed that a link to the web site should be included in the Outcasts' Facebook page (if it isn't already). Les was thanked for his sterling work in keeping the site comprehensive and up-to-date.


  1. Opposition, Fixtures and Nets

Chris T reported that 10 fixtures for the forthcoming season had already been provisionally arranged, and undertook to provide information on opposition, venues and dates at the earliest opportunity. Vale Vikings and Reynolds would be the first fixtures.


During the discussion it was agreed that the Warrington fixture should be terminated, and that every effort should be made during 2018 to fulfil the fixture with the Peak Park Planners. There was also some discussion about whether or not to seek a fixture with Tottington Tigers - a ladies' cricket team. There was general support for this proposal.


It was felt that a weekend fixture with a MOB XI was a non-starter, while Chris reported that the Economists were looking for 2 players to make up the numbers for their trip to Amsterdam from the 23rd - 26th July, and volunteers were requested.


A warm-up game with the Solicitors team that Les plays for was mooted for the 11th April.


It was also agreed that Steve P and Paul M would investigate costs and possible venues for pre-season nets. While there was general support for the idea, it was felt that any nets should be self-financing rather than being subsidised through club funds as in the past.


  1. Club Caps – Peter T to report

It had been recognised for some time that Outcasts were running out of caps for those who are now eligible, or soon will be, for the award. It was in this context that Peter T was asked to get quotes for a fresh consignment. He approached Monkhouses, with whom we have done business in the past, and was given the following initial quotes:


Gray Nicholls Melton Cap with Outcasts' crest = £7.54 + vat each
Colours available: black, green, royal, maroon, dark navy

Gray Nicholls Cricket Cap with Outcasts' crest = £9.15 + vat each
Colours available: green, maroon, navy, black, dark navy.


Peter brought samples of each model to the meeting.


After much discussion it was decided to plump for the Cricket Cap, in dark navy. It was further agreed that 6 caps should be bought out of club funds for those players who are, or soon will be, eligible for the award, and that the rest of the membership should be notified to see who would like to purchase an additional cap out of their own pockets. It was suggested that an initial order of around 15 caps should be sufficient to meet demand.


Peter was applauded for progressing this important matter.


Update: Peter T has subsequently been advised that the Cricket Cap will now cost £11 including VAT.



  1. Dorset 2018 – Paul M to report

Paul M reported on progress with the Dorset tour. Twelve players, 'regular' tourers, had said they would like to go, with the majority having already paid their deposit. One game had already been arranged, and Paul hoped to organise another.


It was felt that one or two other members who have not been on the tour in previous years might wish to do so in 2018 if given the chance. It was agreed that Chris T would sound out these members informally, and that Paul M would send out an email to check on how many of the 'regulars' were prepared to play just one match (if two could be arranged), thereby giving 'newcomers' the prospect of at least one game.


  1. Future social events programme

Ted stated that he was open to offers and ideas for the 2018 Social Programme. Suggestions put forward included:

Two golf days instead of just the one as at present.

A ramble organised by Les to coincide with the Royal Wedding.

A visit to a T20 match at Old Trafford.

A mystery rail trip to be organised by Les.

A cruise on the Manchester Ship Canal.

A visit to one of Scotty Broadhurst's gigs, also arranged by Ted.

The usual pre-Christmas Pie and Peas Supper at Stalybridge.


All members are invited to send further suggestions to Ted.


  1. Timing and location of 2019 AGM

It was agreed that the time, date and venue of the next AGM should be delegated to the Committee.


  1. Any other business

The was no OAB.







12 February 2018



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