Depleted Outcasts Pipped At The Death By Albion

Albion v Outcasts CC
Lostock Sports Club
Thursday, 21st June 2018

Outcasts 115-4 off 20 Overs
Albion 119-5 off 19.5 Overs

Albion Won By 5 Wickets With One Ball To Spare

Outcasts ventured to pastures new as they got their season back on track after the late cancellations of their two previous scheduled fixtures.  The last game had been the win at Peak Park on the 29th May, which seemed an awfully long time ago.   The match against old foes Albion was at Lostock Sports Club, just outside Bolton, a venue that was new to the team.  The ground was well appointed, close to the M61 motorway, but very heavy traffic coming out of Manchester meant that several team members were late getting to the ground, and the match didn't start until going on for 6.30 pm.  However, this being the longest day, and the weather being bright and clear (if distinctly chilly for the time of year) the late start was unlikely to affect proceedings unduly.  Outcasts were a little short-staffed, though, with only 9 regulars able to make it on this occasion.  Tony Williams was a welcome addition to the ranks, making his first appearance for Outcasts since last year's Dorset tour.  Frank from Albion generously agreed to play for the visitors, too, but the lack of numbers was to count against Outcasts in the final analysis.   The match had a welcome spectator, too, with Steve Ramsden, an old Outcast stalwart, coming to watch his former teammates.

Outcasts batted first on a decent pitch, but one which showed some variable bounce, especially from the Motorway end.  Steve Potter and Raj opened for the visitors, but after a lively start Raj was dismissed for 5 going for an ambitious slog.  Derek and David came and went cheaply, but Scott provided Steve with the support he needed to advance the scoring.  Both went on to reach the compulsory 30 retirement target, with Steve accumulating 5 boundaries in the process.  Scott's contribution was particularly flamboyant as he smacked three 6s and two 4s in an undefeated 31.  Chris then picked up the baton and his unbeaten 22 helped to take Outcasts to a respectable (for them) 115-4 off twenty overs.   Albion had shared the bowling around, but Parr was the pick, with an impressive 3 for 16 off his four overs.

Outcasts enjoyed an early breakthrough when Albion began their reply, with Paul Mooney clean bowling opener  Steve for a duck.  Sam and Pete then steadied the ship before the latter was pouched off a top-edged skier from Tony Williams by Colin, taking his first catch since having an operation on his hand.  Nevertheless, after 10 overs Albion needed to be going at over a run a ball for the rest of their innings if they were to top Outcasts' total.  Sam retired on 30, and further wickets fell as Jack was run out and Phil was smartly taken behind the stumps by Steve off Paul's bowling.  And so to the last over, with Albion still needing runs to secure victory.  The pressure mounted as Paul clean bowled Darren with only 3 balls left and the scores level.  The next delivery, to the incoming Ian, was a dot.  But the penultimate ball was smashed to the boundary and the hosts had won with 5 wickets left and one ball to spare.

Seven bowlers chipped in for Outcasts, with Frank returning creditable figures for his adopted team.  But Paul's 3 wickets, two of them clean bowled for a modest return, made him the stand-out performer.   Outcasts' ground fielding could have been better at times, with one or two singles going, instead, for 4s.  But at the end of the day, a man short in the field probably cost the visitors the result.

The return journey for some Outcasts was almost as fraught as the outward one; not because of the heavy traffic, but because of the number of closures and diversions on the motorway system!

MOTM: No individual standout performance on this occasion, but honourable mention must go to Steve and Scott for their batting, and Paul for his 3 wickets.

Next Tuesday, 26th June, it's back to Winton where we entertain Totty Tigers.  Should be interesting!

23 June 2018

Albion v Outcasts 21st June 2018
How Out Bowler Runs 4s 6s
1 Steve Potter Not Out Retired 30 5
2 Raj Vij Caught Glover Parr 5 1
3 Derek Molyneaux Bowled Parr 4
4 David Walsh Caught Parr 0
5 Scott Broadhurst Not Out Retired 31 2 3
6 Chris Truesdale Not Out 22 4
7 Paul Mooney Caught and Bowled Jack 2
8 Tony Williams Not Out 2
9 Colin Wood DNB
10 Frank Jones DNB
Byes 4
Leg Byes 4
Wides 10
No Balls 0
Total Extras 18
TOTAL 114 For 5 Wickets
Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Wides No Balls
1 Glover 4 1 7 1 2
2 D Threadgold 1 0 11 0 5
3 Parr 4 0 16 3
4 Peter 2 0 28 0 3
5 Jack 4 0 12 1
6 Barlow 2 0 28 0
7 Flanagan 2 1 3 0
8 Braby 2 0 8 0
Runs + Extras 121
How Out Bowler Runs 4s 6s
1 Sam Not Out Retired 30 4
2 Steve Bowled Mooney 0
3 Pete Caught Wood Williams 15 1
4 Neil Flanagan Not Out Retired 31 4
5 Jack Run Out 14 2
6 Dearden Bowled Mooney 7 1
7 Whitfield Caught Potter Mooney 6
8 David Not Out 1
9 Ian Not Out 4 1
10 Denis Flanagan DNB
11 Andy Moon DNB
Byes 7
Leg Byes 0
Wides 4
No Balls 0
Total Extras 11
TOTAL 119 For 5 Wickets
Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Wides No Balls
1 Mooney 4 0 16 3
2 Molyneaux 2 0 15 0
3 Broadhurst 4 0 24 0
4 Truesdale 2 0 9 0
5 Vij 2 0 6 0
6 Jones 4 0 24 0
7 Williams 2 0 21 1
Runs + Extras 122
Result Albion won by 5 wickets
It's noted that the figures do not add up - it's just the best of a bad job!

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