OUTCASTS C.C.  -  2008 RESULTS SUMMARY  (Won 2; Lost 9)




May    Wed     7      SWINTON LIONS                                          HOME   Lost by 6 runs


            Thu    15      John Reynolds                                               AWAY    Lost by 21 runs


            Wed  28      Salford Primary Care Trust                          AWAY    Rained off


June   Wed     4      Albion                                                             AWAY    Won by 4 wickets


            Wed  11      CHORLEY HOSPITALS                              HOME   Lost by 19 runs


            Wed  18      WIGAN TECHNICAL SERVICES               HOME   Rained off


July    Tue      1      Peak Park Planners                                     AWAY    Won by 6 wickets


            Wed     9      ALBION                                                          HOME   Rained off


            Wed  16      Chorley Hospitals                                          AWAY    Lost by 16 runs


            Wed  23      SALFORD PRIMARY CARE TRUST         HOME   Lost by 32 runs


            Sun    27      Staffordshire Social Services                      AWAY    Lost by 101 runs


            Wed  30      Swinton Lions                                                AWAY    Lost by 3 wickets


Aug    Wed     6      JOHN REYNOLDS                                       HOME   Lost by 6 wickets


            Wed  13      Wigan Technical Services                           AWAY    Opponents defaulted


            Wed  20      Salford Personnel                                         AWAY    Rained off


            Tue    26      Economists                                                    AWAY    Lost by 8 wickets

OUTCASTS C.C. 2008 FINAL AVERAGES (11 matches)



BATTING         Matches     Innings     Runs     Not out      Highest      4s     6s    Average


P.Mooney                 9               8         159            3                44         15     7        31.80

S.Ramsden              9               8         146            3                 47*      16     2        29.20

E.Shufflebotham        7               7         115            2                34         11     1        23.00

T.Noone                   9               7           52            4                 25*        7      -        17.33

C.Truesdale              9               8           67            2                20          5      -        11.17

D.Williams                8               8           52            3                26          6      -        10.40

G.Oldfield                 8               6           27            1                17          1      -          5.40

P.Taylor                   8               6             8            -                   3           -      -          1.33

T.Williams                6               5             5            1                  3           -      -          1.25


Also batted (no average and/or fewer than 5 innings):


P.Arnold                   1               1           22            -                 22          3     1        22.00

R.Dewhurst               4               4           56            1                 26*        8     1        18.67

A.Hobbs                   1               1           17            -                 17          1      -        17.00

P.Kidd                      3               3           28            1                 25*        3     1        14.00

S.Potter                   4               4           37            -                 13          5      -          9.25

K.Ambrey                 1               1             7            -                   7           -      -          7.00

R.Truesdale              7               3             5            2                   3*         -      -          5.00

L.Cooper                  8               4           12            1                  6          1      -          4.00

S.Hewitt                   1               1             4            -                   4           -      -          4.00

A.Lowe                     3               2             4            -                   3           -      -          2.00

C.Cooper                  2               1             1            -                   1           -      -          1.00

P.Noone                   5               4             2            -                   1           -      -          0.50

S.Broadhurst            1               1             1            1                   1*         -       -              - 

P.Chick                    1               1             0            -                   0           -       -              -

P.Labbett                 1               1             0            -                   0           -       -              -


Also played:


D.Buckle                  1                -             -            -                    -          -      -             -


BOWLING      Overs   Maidens   Runs   Wickets   B.B.   Average   Strike rate   Econ. rate


E.S’botham        16             1           73          7        2-9        10.43         13.71             4.56

P.Noone            19             -           73          6        3-18      12.17         19.00             3.84

P.Mooney           25.3          -         115          9        2-11      12.78         17.77             4.51

T.Noone             21             1         122          9        4-10      13.56         14.44             5.81

R.Truesdale        18             -         105          7        2-16      15.00         16.00             5.83

D.Williams         29             6         112          7        3-20      16.00         26.00             3.86

L.Cooper            30             4         107          5        2-34      21.40         36.00             3.57

C.Truesdale        19             1           86          1        1-17      86.00       114.00             4.53


Also bowled (no average and/or fewer than 10 overs):


A.Lowe                4             -           22          2        2-22      11.00         12.00             5.50

A.Hobbs              8             2           26          2        2-26      13.00         24.00             3.25

S.Broadhurst        4             -           16          1        1-16      16.00         24.00             4.00

K.Ambrey            3             -           33          2        2-33      16.50          9.00           11.00

G.Oldfield            7             -           46          2        2-10      23.00         21.00             6.57

T.Williams           4.4           -           27          1        1-14      27.00         28.00             5.79

R.Dewhurst          7             -           29           -        0-14         -                -                 4.14

P.Chick               4             -           27           -        0-27         -                -                 6.75

P.Taylor               4             -           27           -        0-27         -                -                 6.75

C.Cooper             3             -           22           -        0-22         -                -                 7.33

P.Arnold              2             -           17           -        0-17         -                -                 8.50

S.Potter               1.4          -           10           -        0-10         -                -                 6.67








FIELDING                    Caught Stumped Total                                Caught Stumped Total


C.Truesdale                        6           -          6            C.Cooper                1           -          1

L.Cooper                            4           -          4            R.Dewhurst            1           -          1

G.Oldfield                           2           -          2            P.Kidd                   1           -          1

S.Ramsden                        2           -          2            T.Noone                 1           -          1

R.Truesdale                        2           -          2            D.Williams             1           -          1

D.Buckle                            -          1          1           

2008 Silver Boot Evening:-

The Outcasts Silver Boot evening in November was a great success as ever. Well organised by last year's Silver Boot winner Eric Shufflebotham, the evening started at an old GMC haunt The Grey Horse and moved to a very agreeable Thai restaurant in Manchester's China Town. Proceedings were a little slow to commence, but once the Banquet started to arrive the abundance of food was of the highest standards and in plentiful portions - Well done Eric.

Colin and Paul moved proceedings along with the round of voting - firstly the Champagne Moment of the season. Last years winner Dave Buckle was keen to release his award as the responsiblity of looking after this treasured possession was becoming too much of a   burden for him, but the pre-voting lobbying and some may say over the top down right vote rigging was to prove essential in the final cast of votes as he was adjudged to have been worthy of retaining this trophy for his excellent stumping of   Erik Bloodaxe at Shugborough. Dave, you'll just have to look after this trophy and bring it back in another 12 months. Next up in the voting was for the Golden Duck. This is an unfortunate term in cricketing circles, but the award is generally accepted to be   for a good allround Outcast who is desrerving of recognition. The   vote was a close run affair, but Ted Noone picked up the majority count and justifiably received the award.   Finally, the moment we were all waitng for, The SIilver Boot Award - our Player of the Year and Outstanding Outcasts Member. This year in a season where most of us struggled with bat or ball (or both in most cases) one chap stood up and made his huge presence felt. An all rounder who puts fear into batsmen and bowlers alike, our very own Raging Bull. Paul Mooney was a clear and decisive winner, picking up an overwhelming number of votes. Well done to all the award winners and well done to everyone who attended







Pete Kidd, Paul Graveling, Graham Oldfield, Colin Wood




Keith Ambrey, Ted Roskill, Pete Taylor, Ron Truesdale, Chris Truesdale, Steve Ramsden, Eric Shufflebotham, Tony Williams, Les Cooper, Steve Potter, Roger Dewhurst, Ted Noone




Approved as a correct record








Following his brilliant performance in placating the unruly influences, and ensuring copious drinks breaks at last years AGM, Ted Roskill was nominated unopposed, apart from opposed himself. This was overruled and he undertook the role.




Steve Potter continued with the  “dead sea scroll” format and colour scheme for his report. Once again, the Report showed the club in an excellent financial situation, with a balance of £200 even after the nets had been paid for up front (approximately £270 will be paid back from those using the nets). This performance contrasted very favourably with Northern Rock, and diminishes the likelihood of the club being nationalised.


The accounts were approved, and Steve P was congratulated on his prudent financial management throughout the year.



The season had seen 3 main Captains- Eric for the earlier part of the season, Ron for the second part of the season, and Dave Buckle for the Tour to Dorset. It was agreed that Outcasts were very slow “out of the block” in the earlier part of the season, and the very successful Tour really kickstarted the season. On a positive note, we won more games than we lost, although it was annoying that we lost against the Economists after creating a winning position, and disappointing that the appalling weather throughout the summer had meant that only 13 games could be played.


Each of the Captains was thanked for their contribution.





Keith reported on another successful season socially, and the fact that almost as many social events were taking place as cricket games.  Although by no means instrumental in organising a lot of the events personally, 2007 had included:-

·        April 21st/27th. The first ever Outcasts Canal Trip on the Leeds/Liverpool Canal

·        May 1st Snooker- Sheffield to see Carter and the ‘Jester from Leicester’

·        June 1st -Stockport Beer Festival

·        June 15th/18th -Cricket Tour to Dorset

·        August  17th -Train Trip to Liverpool

·        August 30th -Cricket Day/Night International  -England v India

·        September 3rd/5th -Walking (eating and drinking) Trip to Northumberland

·        September 14th/17th -Walking (eating and drinking) Trip to Lake District

·        September 29th -Nantwich Food and Beer Festival

·        October 5th/8th -First ever “Outcasts foray to the Continent” trip-Brussels

·        October 18th -Stalybridge Pie and Peas (plus copious amounts of beer) outing. What happened to the Dewsbury Mob??

·        November 16th Silver Boot- Excellent night at the Pizzeria Bella Italia at Bury, preceded by the Trackside Bar

·        December 12th -Xmas get together in town


Keith was thanked for his efforts, and arranging appropriate Detox facilities. He in turn thanked all those who had been involved in organising specific events.




Steve Ramsden was complimented on his tireless efforts in arranging another full programme of fixtures, and often having to undertake the unenviable task of updating people on whether games would be played or not, given great uncertainty over a lot of fixtures with the poor weather.




·        Treasurer-Steve P- elected unopposed after another sound financial year. Will he be headhunted by Northern Rock?

·        Team Captain- Ron was widely supported and agreed to undertake this role.

·        Vice Captains-it was agreed that Eric (along with his ball polishing duties), Les and Steve would act in this role.

·         Nets Secretary- Eric unopposed

·        Social Secretary-Keith unopposed

·        Fixture Secretary-Steve R-unopposed




It was agreed that we should aim for Wednesdays at SW Manchester, although we wouldn’t know the outcome until the Club had been informed by the Manchester Association about when its own mid-week fixtures would be. Steve R indicated that he had had a number of approaches from opponents, and the process was starting.





It was felt that we should continue with current opponents, in addition it was felt that we should aim for a fixture at Bolton School, which had not been possible this season. In addition, Les suggested two possible new fixtures- At Hebden Bridge against a social cricketing outfit, possibly on a weekend and a fixture at Bakewell, mid week, against Peak Park Planners. There was keen interest in both fixtures and Les was asked to explore possibilities in more detail and feed back.




It was agreed that we should try to restore the fixture with Staffordshire, avoiding Bank Holiday dates. It was also agreed that the Mob XI should be approached. In addition, the possible Hebden Bridge fixture (referred to in 12 above) to be explored.




Chris T agreed to aim to acquire umpires coats (complete with Logo). Les said that he would be donating a set of stumps- recently cleaned up and renovated, and hopefully will have the club logo on them. It was also felt that we should have a supply of outcasts sawdust (not necessarily with the logo on). Club fleeces were discussed, but not supported. It was agreed that whilst Chris T is looking into umpires coats he would make enquiries about club shirts, as current ones are passing their sell buy date and starting to stink. It was agreed that one pair of right-handed gloves should be purchased.




It was agreed that the financial position of the club allowed for subscriptions and match fees to stay unchanged (£20 and £4 respectively). Again, this assumes that there will not be a significant increase in the cost of the South West Manchester pitch.




Eric confirmed that regrettably, the Dorset Tour would not take place this year. The Burton Cliff was now under new ownership, and intentions were unclear. Further, after extensive searching, he had not been able to come up with any other suitable accommodation.


As an alternative, Les made reference to an annual tour he had made to Northumberland, and the possibility of creating a team involving Outcast players. So far, four Outcasts had given a definite yes, and he would E Mail details to see whether there was any other interest.





Roger indicated that he should be available for more games this year, particularly at weekends. Hopefully Ted Roskill would purchase a new pair of boots and  become more involved on the field, and Patrick Noone would play more matches. Following a serious rugby injury Matthew is unlikely to play this year. Is Aran? From nets a possible new addition?




Allrounder was congratulated on the time and effort he/she/it (identification will not be divulged) had put in to developing the club website, which is now an excellent source of information on all aspects of Outcasts activities.


More feedback was requested on “the wine of the month” by Bibulus, even if it is the next day after people have sobered up.




Please forward changes to phone, E Mail, hyperlink etc. addresses to Pete Taylor.




A lakes Trip (22nd-25th Feb), Canal Trip (19th-26th April) and Snooker (29th April) are already arranged. The possible replacement tour to Northumberland would be 21st-22nd June. Chris agreed to arrange the Stockport Beer Festival Trip. In addition to the regular events:-

  • Tony would look into a possible Friday Night Trip to Hebden Bridge.
  • The Strawberry Duck/Stone Circle Day, which didn’t take place last year, will be reconsidered.
  • A Golf day will be explored
  • A Trip elsewhere in Europe will be explored, for either early July or early September. As details normally come up on the Website 2/3 months in advance, those interested should explore possibilities nearer the time and E Mail any suggestions round.




Ted Roskill closed the meeting at 10.00pm, amidst rowdy and unruly drunken scenes.

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