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17th January 2013




Present: Tony Threlfall, Les Cooper, Colin Wood, Steve Ramsden, Ron Truesdale, Keith Ambrey, Eric Shufflebotham, Ted Roskell, Paul Mooney, Ted Noone, Pete Taylor, Graham Oldfield.


  1. Apologies

Roger Dewhurst, Tony Williams, Ernest Connell, Colin Cooper, Patrick Noone, Dave Buckle, Scott Broadhurst, Dave Charlesworth, Stephen Hewitt, Steve Potter (and for missing Christmas get-togethers owing to illness).


  1. Minutes Of The AGM Held On The 8th February 2012

These were agreed as a correct record.


  1. Matters Arising

Item 18: Future Social Events Programme

It was noted that none of the events listed had taken place in 2012. It was agreed that dates for 2013 should be fixed early in the calendar year, and notified at the earliest possible opportunity to Keith as social secretary.


Item 19: Any Other Business

There was a brief discussion about the date for presentation of the annual accounts.  Colin suggested that the calendar year made more sense for Outcasts than the usual financial year returns, and this was agreed.  (ACTION: Colin)


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Colin presented the financial accounts for 2012. In summary these showed that

    • £519 had been carried forward from 2012.
    • £195 was collected in annual subscriptions last year, based on the reduced sum of £15 per head (13 members plus Steve R. for whom annual subs are waived).
    • Nets cost the club £352 and the same amount is due in 2013.  £268 was collected in nets subs compared with £344 the previous year.  It needs 9 players to turn up to break even and there were times when only 4 or 5 took part.  FOR A DECISION: Do we hold the nets subs at £4 per head or increase them to £5 (but see next bullet)?
    • Income from match subscriptions more than covered pitch fees (allowing for the contributions from our opponents), with a surplus of £116 over the playing season.  The reduced charges for pitch hire at Winton helped considerably in this regard. FOR A DECISION: Do we hold the match day subs at £4 per head or reduce them to £3 (but see bullet above)?
    • Major items of expenditure included new wicket-keeping pads and batting gloves, a new set of cricket balls, gifts to Ethan, and renewal of the web site licence.



Outcasts CC is still in a very healthy financial position, notwithstanding the reduced annual subs.  Reduced income from nets in 2012 was more than offset by an increased surplus from match day fees.  This was aided by the lower pitch charges at Winton compared with our previous Chorlton home venue.  At present, therefore, match day subscriptions and annual subs are subsidising nets.


Colin was thanked for his presentation.  The matter of subscriptions was picked up again and discussed at some length under item 10 below.


  1. Captain’s Report

Les presented the annual Captain’s Report. 


Original Fixture list of 20

Played 11, Won 3, Lost 6, drawn 1 and abandoned 1.

6 cancelled and opposition defaulted 3.


The dreadful weather ensured Outcasts wouldn’t have any sort of consistency in stringing the fixtures together. Indeed, we only had consecutive games of 2 on four occasions, with one of those being the tour to Dorset.


Batting was generally a disappointment, though the season ended on a high with Eric (56 not out) and Tony Threlfall (35 not out) helping Outcasts to record a first home win at our new adopted home with 7 balls to spare.


Roger, Ted, Eric and the Skipper all took 7 wickets apiece.



·         Eric’s 350th appearance at Astley Bridge V Chorley Hospitals (he’s closing in on Peter T’s record currently at 364) out of a recorded 438 matches.

·         Eric also passed 700 boundary 4s and Ron reached 100 boundary 4s.

·         Shahid’s 142 at Hebden Bridge.

·         Shahid’s and Tony W’s 10th wicket stand in same match. 104 a new record which is unlikely ever to be surpassed in most other wicket partnerships let alone the 10th wicket.

·         Kyran’s 4-for at Hebden Bridge. 7 overs, 1 maiden, 4 for 27. Hebden’s batting couldn’t cope with his accuracy.

·         Peter T reached 200 innings


Champagne moments 

·         Eric and Tony T’s stand at Winton for first home win.

·         Roger’s catch at Little Bredy

·         Shahid’s blitz at Hebden Bridge

·         Tony Williams support to Shahid at Hebden Bridge in keeping the 10th wicket intact

·         Tony Williams’ caught and bowled at Lower Broughton


Special mentions

·         Steve Ramsden for organising fixtures during such a difficult year

·         Pete Taylor for his continuing meticulous record-keeping

·         Eric and Keith’s organisational qualities for the social events and net sessions

·         Keith for the secretarial role

·         Colin’s meticulous accountancy in keeping the Outcasts finances in the black and ensuring any debits are paid promptly.


Finally, congratulations to:-

Eric – Silver Boot winner

Steve R – Golden Duck award

Roger – Champagne Moment


During the course of Les’s presentation Eric reported that a Class 66 railway locomotive had just gone through Stalybridge station.  Some members went “Oooooooh”.


  1. Social Secretary’s Report

Keith summarised a very full year of social events.  There had been 13 in all including:-

    • The MOSI beer festival
    • The April canal trip in the midlands
    • The visit to the Peel Monument in May (it was pointed out that this was on the same weekend that Citeh scraped an incredibly fortunate Premiership title with the last kick of the season!)
    • The Dorset trip; the Brussels trip
    • The Silver Boot Awards Dinner
    • An October pie and peas supper
    • Three events in the run-up to the Christmas period; and
    • A couple of mystery trips by train.


A vote of thanks was recorded to all those who had organised these events, and to Keith for his overall coordination.


  1. Election Of Club Officials For 2013

With all current officers prepared to put themselves forward for another term, and with no other nominations, the positions were approved as follows:-


1        Treasurer- Colin Wood

2        Team Captain- Les Cooper

3        Vice Captains- Steve Ramsden and Eric Shufflebotham

4        Nets Secretary- Eric Shufflebotham

5        Social Secretary-Keith Ambrey

6        Fixtures Secretary-Steve Ramsden  


Thanks were given to all Officials for the fine job they had done throughout the year.


  1. Arrangement Of Fixtures (Including Weekend Matches) / Preferred Opponents / Prospects For ‘New’ Opposition

Steve reported that the first game of the season would be at Ashley against Reynolds during the first week in May.


It was getting more difficult to prepare a full list of fixtures, and Outcasts now play 7 teams twice during the course of the season.  There is also the problem of meeting the same faces who turn out for different teams.  Whalley Range were suggested as opponents for the forthcoming season, and Tony T mentioned Brooksbottom as another possibility.  Others included a home fixture against Peak Park; a weekend match with Hebden Bridge (though there was an issue over ground availability); and a link up again with Economists (Les).


It was agreed that Steve R would get in touch with Colin Dixon from Reynolds to see if he could suggest any likely opponents; the Economists; and that all Outcasts members should get in touch with Steve R if they had any useful contacts for a game.  (ACTION: Steve R, All)


  1. Kit / Equipment Requirements For Season

It was agreed that we should replace two pairs of batting pads (Eric); and get another box of cricket balls (Steve R).  (ACTION: Eric, Steve)


  1. Subscriptions / Match Fees

In the light of Colin’s treasurer’s report and possible courses of action, there was a lengthy discussion about nets subs, match day fees, and annual subs.


A number of alternative options were explored, including increasing match day fees and abolishing annual subscriptions altogether, and waiving annual subscriptions for officers. Colin argued for the retention of annual subscriptions, even if at a reduced rate, on the grounds that they provided an important symbol of club membership, and were very useful when dealing with one-off major items of expenditure such as nets.


After much discussion it was agreed that nets and match day subscriptions should remain the same at £4 per person per session / match; and that the annual subscriptions should be reduced from £15 per member to £10 (Steve R exempt).  (ACTION: Colin)


It was suggested that the club funds could be used to help subsidise the Silver Boot Dinner.  Les wished it to be recorded that he still had reservations about charging members match day fees when long distance journeys to places like Peak Park and Hebden Bridge were concerned.


  1. Summer Tour – Dorset And / Or Any Alternatives

Roger had sent out an email recently to all Outcasts members to see if there was sufficient interest in another trip to Dorset and, if there was, what the preferred dates and opposition should be.


Members were encouraged to respond as soon as possible. (ACTION: Roger, All)


  1. Review Of Available Squad / ‘New Blood’ Prospects

It was hoped that Kyran might be able to play a bit more often.  Dave Battersby (Steve’s mate) and Bob Sproat (Les’s mate) were also mentioned as possible additions to the squad.


  1. Scoring ‘Teach-In’ – Need for Running This Again?

Pete’s scoring guidance document can be found on the Outcasts’ web site.  Pete reported that he had had difficulty this year in making the statistics add up for some of the games that he hadn’t been able to attend. He offered to do a tutorial for those willing to take over some of the scoring responsibilities and it was agreed that anyone interested should get in touch with Pete directly. (ACTION: Pete T, volunteers)


It was sometimes difficult to get hold of a decent copy of our opponents’ scoresheets and it was proposed and agreed that it would be a good idea to photograph this on the day of the match and request a hard copy within a day or so. (ACTION: Scorer on the night)


  1. Hebden Bridge C.C. – Briefing On Recent Contact

Les reported that the chairman of Hebden Bridge Cricket Club had been in touch and had offered his club’s best wishes to Outcasts.  Ethan’s case was apparently going through legal proceedings, though Hebden Bridge had insurance cover.





  1. Website / Changes To Contact Details

It was reported that personal contact details of members had had to be removed from Outcasts’ web site due to security concerns.  It was agreed that up-to-date information on all members was needed, especially for the fixtures secretary.  It was agreed that all members should provide Steve R with their current contact details (landline, mobile, email) and these would then be forwarded to Allrounder for inclusion on a secure part of the web site.  (ACTION: All, Steve, Allrounder)


  1. Future Social Events Programme (Including Silver Boot Evening Date)

It was agreed that firm dates should be set for any social events to be organised in 2013, with details forwarded to Keith as overall coordinator – see Matters Arising above.  Suggestions included pre- and post-season golf (Ted N); Eskdale walk (Steve R); trans-Pennine pub crawl (Ted N); snooker night (Ron).


There was a suggestion that the Silver Boot Dinner be brought forward from its current November slot to a date closer to the end of the playing season.  However, after discussion, it was decided to keep to current arrangements.


  1. Any Other Business

There was some discussion as to whether Outcasts needed insurance cover in the light of “the Ethan incident” last year.  However it was queried whether this would be possible as Outcasts were not a formally constituted organisation.


It was agreed that Steve would check with Winton Cricket Club to see if they had appropriate insurance cover. (ACTION: Steve R)


  1. Date And Time Of Next Meeting

Similar time and date in January 2014.  To be confirmed.







18 January 2013



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