Date:         Thursday 30th January 2014

Time:         19.45

Venue:       Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar





Present: Ron Truesdale, Ted Roskell, Keith Ambrey, Ted Noone, Graham Oldfield, Eric Shufflebotham, Steve Ramsden, Ernest Connell, Dave Charlesworth, Les Cooper, Tony Threlfall, Tony Williams (part, after being locked out for the first 20 minutes! J ), Colin Wood


1.      Apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from Roger Dewhurst, Paul Mooney, Pete Taylor, Bob Sproat, Dave Battersby.


2.      Minutes of the A.G.M. held on the 17th January 2013

These were agreed as a correct record, subject to a change to item 4, Treasurer’s Report.  CW reported that the first bullet point should, in fact, have read “£553 had been carried forward from 2011”.


3.      Matters arising

         Item 15: Website / Changes to Contact Details

There was still a need to have a comprehensive list of contact details for Outcasts' players, available in electronic format, and available to Outcasts’ officers.  Steve agreed to liaise with Eric to provide this information.


Item 17: Any Other Business

Steve reported that he had been in touch with Winton Cricket Club regarding the matter of insurance, and it appeared that Outcasts were covered by the club’s policy.  However, he would check the details further.


4.      Treasurer’s report

         Colin presented Outcasts’ financial situation.

 He reported that Outcasts CC finances continue in a healthy state, with the club over          £430 in the black at the start of 2014. 


-    £519 was carried forward from 2012

-    £140 was collected in annual subscriptions last year, based on the reduced sum of £10 per head

-    Nets cost the club £317 (allowing for a refund on our unused final slot).  £208 was collected in nets subs compared with £268 the previous year.  In other words, there was an income / expenditure deficit on nets for 2013 of £109

-    Income from match subscriptions more than covered pitch fees (allowing for contributions from our opponents), with a surplus of £121 over the playing season. 

-    Major items of expenditure included new batting pads, a new set of cricket balls, and renewal of the web site licence.  These came to £185



Despite reduced annual subscriptions, Outcasts CC was still in a very healthy financial position.  Once again, for 2013, reduced income from nets was offset by the surplus from match day fees. 


For A Decision:

The indoor nets constitute by far the largest one-off item of expenditure for Outcasts.  No nets had been organised thus far in 2014, so up to £352 had been saved.  Even if nets were arranged for the remaining part of the indoor season it seemed unlikely that the cost would come to anywhere near what it had been in previous years.  Outcasts had a very healthy bank balance of over £430, and this was only likely to grow still further if we maintained annual subscriptions and match day fees at their 2013 level.  We therefore needed to decide;

·     Whether we charge annual subscriptions for 2014, and, if so, at what level

·     Whether we continue to charge £4 per person for home match days

·     Whether we continue to change £4 for away games


5.      Captain’s report

Outcasts’ playing record

·     14 matches winning 5 - the losses were all heavy defeats, particularly after the Dorset tour

·      By early July we’d played 10 and won 5

·      2 fixtures lost to the weather

·      Hebden Bridge fixture called off ‘cos we couldn’t raise a team

·      No fixtures on a couple of other occasions due to lack of suitable opposition



·         Two additions to the club records:

o        Colin and Eric’s 4th wicket partnership of an unbeaten 95 at Lower Broughton

o        Defeat at Astley Bridge C.C. against Albion where they put on 168 for 3 in 20 overs.

·         A couple of individual achievements should be recognised:

o        Roger played his 250th match (v Swinton Lions at home), batted his 200th innings (at Abbotsbury for a creditable 29), and reached a career 3000 runs (also at Abbotsbury)

o        Tony Threlfall’s 25th appearance at Bakewell which affords him the coveted Outcasts’ cap

·         Eric and Tony T. top scorers with 185 runs apiece

·         Eric top wicket taker with 8, followed by Les, Paul and Ron with 7 apiece

·         Eric and Scott each nominated MotM on two separate occasions



·         Performances were the best we could achieve given some of our  opponents had strengthened where we hadn’t

·         Some of the on-field decision making was not up to my usual standards and I allowed myself to ‘drift’ on occasions which didn’t help performances

·         Happy that everyone continued to be involved which is Outcasts ethic

  Special Mentions

·         Ron

    • Debut in 1991
    • Played 220 matches, 118 innings, 1049 runs, with a top score of 54 not out
    • He captained the side for a number of seasons
    • Got through 771 overs, 71 maidens, taking a total of 244 wickets
    • Holds 3 entries in the highest number of wickets in a match, and has 11 entries in the ‘best bowling performances in a match’
    • Has a reliable pair of hands which puts him amongst the leading catchers and has an astute cricket brain which has turned many a match in our favour
    • Was voted Silver Boot recipient in 1996 jointly with Roger and again in 2002 jointly with Ant Hobbs
    • In 2001 he was awarded the Golden Duck, and again in 2006 sharing it with Les
    • Always present at Outcasts’ social gatherings and is never backwards at coming forwards when a contribution needs to be made. All this puts Ron high on the Outcasts’ achievers and role of honour.

o        Ron’s presence on the field has been invaluable not only in terms of overall contribution but also for his knowledge and guidance.


·         Others

o        Tony T on being voted Silver Boot and Champagne Moment

o        Bob Sproat for Golden Duck

o        Peter T for score book accuracy and records

o        Keith for social programme

o        Steve R for fixtures

o        Colin for treasurer’s role and minute taking


6.      Social secretary’s report

         Keith reported on Outcasts’ social activities throughout 2013. These included:-

-    22nd Feb. mystery train trip to Hull

-    25th Feb. Grey Horse, followed by Thai meal

-    26th April – 3rd May trip along the Bridgewater and Rufford Canals

-    12th May trip on the East Lancs Railway and annual visit to the Peel Monument

-    28th June – 2nd July annual trip to Dorset

-    21st – 24th July trip to Eskdale and stay at the Boot Inn

-    28th August outing to the Oxnoble pub in Castlefield, where members were interviewed by a Radio 5Live reporter

-    6th Sept golf competition

-    30th Sept. – 4th Oct. trip to Prague

-    15th Nov. annual silver boot dinner at Dimitri’s restaurant on Deansgate

-    16th Dec. Christmas do at the Grey Horse followed by a meal at the Try Thai restaurant


So far this year there had been a trip to a beer festival at the Manchester Velodrome on the 23rd Jan.


Keith was applauded for his organisational and coordinating role, and others were thanked for their part in putting together a varied and interesting social programme.


7.      Election of Club officials for 2014

         The following officers were re-elected unopposed for the 2014 season:-       


         Treasurer: Colin Wood

         Team captain: Les Cooper

         Vice-captain(s): Eric Shufflebotham and Steve Ramsden

         Nets secretary: Eric Shufflebotham

         Social secretary: Keith Ambrey

         Fixtures secretary: Steve Ramsden


8.      Winter / Spring nets

         There was some discussion about the usefulness of nets in preparing for the outdoor season, with differing and opposing opinions being expressed.  Eric reported that the Belle Vue nets were only available this year on Saturday afternoons and he had taken the view, in discussion with Les, that interest would be limited.  There was general support for the idea of a couple of outdoor nets at Winton prior to the start of the new season, and Steve was duly tasked with making the appropriate enquiries. (ACTION: Steve R)


9.      Kit / equipment requirements

         There was some discussion about the need to replace bits of the club kit, and it was agreed that we needed a new set of balls and a bat to replace the one that had broken during last season.  Steve undertook to get the balls, and Ron offered his bat, along with other personal equipment, for use by the Outcasts. Another bat would need to be purchased if a lighter model was required by some players. (ACTION: Steve R)


10.    Website

         Les confirmed that the licence fees had been paid for the forthcoming year.  All agreed that the site was an excellent way of keeping in touch and for reporting on the club’s activities.  It appeared to be well used.


11.    Scoring ‘teach-in’ - need for running this again?

         Pete Taylor’s email was noted and it was generally agreed that scoring should be shared round in Pete’s absence using the guidelines he had provided and which were on the web site.


12.    Future social events programme

It was agreed that the 2013 programme had provided a good range of interesting and varied activities, and that every effort should be made to repeat these in 2014 Additional suggestions put forward at the meeting included a trip along the Real Ale Trail from Stalybridge to Huddersfield (Ted Noone); and an additional golfing event at Heaton Park (Ted again) (ACTION: Ted N)


13.    Summer tour to Dorset

Roger’s emails on the planned Dorset trip for early July 2014 were noted.  So far 19 people had registered interest.  Anyone who had not yet replied to Roger was encouraged to do so.


14.    Subscriptions / match fees

Following on from Colin’s treasurer’s report, he put forward a number of recommendations for subscriptions and fees for the new season:-

1.       We further reduce annual subscriptions to £5 per person for 2014

2.       We keep home match day fees at £4 per player

3.       We charge a variable fee for away matches depending on the pitch costs, travel   expenses, and our opponents’ contributions


After a brief discussion these recommendations were approved, together with the resolution that Steve R’s annual subscription should be waived, and he should be reimbursed for any expenses incurred over and above the £5 waiver.  (ACTION:    Colin)


15.    Arrangement of fixtures (including weekend matches) / preferred opponents / prospects for ‘new’ opposition

Steve R introduced this item by briefly outlining various options. There followed a lengthy discussion about last season’s fixtures and the relative merits of the teams we’d played.  In the end it was agreed that:-

·   We’d try to soldier on with a similar fixture list to the 2013 season

·   We’d jettison the Adlington fixture

·   We’d try to encourage the Peak Park Planners to visit us for a change

·   We’d try to arrange the Hebden Bridge game for a Saturday sometime in May

·   We’d encourage Roger to explore the possibilities of a fixture at Lindal, Cumbria

(ACTION: Steve R, Roger)


16.    Review of available squad / ‘New blood’ prospects

Further discussion took place around the strengths of the current playing squad, especially with the retirement of Ron and the unlikelihood of Keith being able to participate on the playing front in future. It was agreed that:-

§   Any Lowe and Pete Kidd should be invited to join the ranks of Outcasts

§   Paul Mooney’s brother and brother-in-law should be approached as to their likely availability

 (ACTION: Steve R, Paul Mooney)


17.    Any other business



18.    Date and time of next meeting

         January 2015, details to be confirmed.







31 January 2014

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