Outcasts Cricket Club  -  Annual General Meeting

Date:   Thursday 12th March 2015

Venue: Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar


Minutes Of Meeting



Present: Les Cooper, Roger Dewhurst, Graham Oldfield, Ted Noone (part), Steve Ramsden, Bob Sproat, Peter Taylor, Chris Truesdale, Ron Truesdale, Tony Williams, Colin Wood


Meeting commenced at 14.45.



1. Apologies for absence

Scott Broadhurst, Alick Cross, Paul Mooney, Eric Shufflebotham


2. Minutes of the A.G.M. held on the 30th January 2014

These were agreed as a correct record subject to a correction to the spelling of Andy Lowe's name, item 16.


3. Matters arising

3. Item 15 website / changes to contact details

Les asked where this was up to. Steve R. undertook to send his paper list, including opposition contacts, through the post to Colin who would put it into electronic form and liaise with Roger to construct a pro-forma to be placed on the Outcasts' web site so that members could 'sign in' on a regular basis for games they were available for.


4. Treasurer’s report

Colin presented the accounts which had been circulated in advance of the meeting. He reported that Outcasts CC finances showed a planned decline from £433.50 at the start of the year to £170.03 as of today (plus £10 'float'). 

The main points were:-

  1. £433.50 was carried forward from 2013
  2. £50 was collected in annual subscriptions last year, based on the reduced sum of £5 per head
  3. Income from match subscriptions - even though tailored to actual costs for away fixtures rather than a standard £4 per head - more than covered pitch fees (allowing for contributions from our opponents), with a surplus of £70 over the playing season. 
  4. Major items of expenditure included the AGM pie and peas supper, contributions to the dorset trip, a £100 donation to Keith Ambrey's charity, and renewal of the web site license.  These came to £383.47 in total.


Decisions were needed on:

  • Whether we charge annual subscriptions for 2015, and, if so, at what level
  • Whether we ask only players to pay annual subscriptions or others who participate in Outcasts' activities as well
  • Whether we continue to subsidise the Dorset trip at the same level
  • Whether we continue to support the web site in the longer term as club income declines


After a brief discussion the general view was that £150-£200 was about the right sort of figure to cover for most items of expenditure and we should aim to keep it at about this level for the foreseeable future.






5. Captain’s report

Les presented his captain's report.

·         The 2014 playing record showed 4 wins out of 14 matches

·         Most of the defeats had been pretty comprehensive affairs

·         Paul Mooney had been awarded the prestigious Silver Boot for man of the season

·         Dave Walsh and Roger Dewhurst had shared the Champagne Moment

·         Stephen Hewitt had been posthumously awarded the Golden Duck, which Helen had received on his behalf

·         Bob Sproat and Tony Threlfall had recorded the Outcasts' second best 4th wicket partnership in the game versus Swinton Lions with 106 runs

·         2014 had been the second worst season in Outcasts' history, with only 2008 recording fewer wins

·         2013 /14 equalled the longest losing streak, with 7 losses

·         Ted Noone and Paul Mooney had both made over 100 appearances

·         Graham Oldfield had announced his retirement.  An original Outcasts' member, his record showed:

- 273 appearances

- 160 innings, with 549 runs scored

- A highest score of 26

- 278.2 overs bowled

- 66 wickets taken

- Best figures of 3 for 8 at Bickershaw

·         The season had been largely overshadowed by the deaths of two Outcasts' stalwarts - Keith Ambrey and Stephen Hewitt.

Les confirmed that the person responsible for Keith's death had just been sentenced to 17 months in prison for causing death by careless driving and leaving the scene of the accident. Newspaper reports can be found at:






6. Acting social secretary’s report

There was a brief report back on the events of the year, which had generally been low-key following Keith's death, and some discussion of arrangements for 2015 - see item 15.


Ron, Les and Alick won the inaugural Keith Ambrey golf challenge trophy


7. Outcasts’ immediate and longer-term future

This item had been put on the agenda as doubts had been expressed in some quarters about the ability of Outcasts to keep going as a cricketing entity given the recent loss of players due to death and retirement. There were also concerns about the difficulties of finding opponents of a similar age and competence, and the Outcasts' recent playing record which might be proving to be disheartening for some people.


After some considerable discussion it emerged that we probably had far more potential cricketing contacts than we realised, and if we could get in touch with these people sufficiently in advance of games we might actually have problems selecting a team rather than trying to find enough players!


One issue was the number of different lists of contacts kept by different people for different purposes, and it was agreed that Colin would coordinate and consolidate these with a view to making them available in electronic form. He would liaise with Roger to devise a system for the web site whereby members could sign in to those matches for which they were available. A selection team comprising Les, Steve and Eric would then choose the team if there were more than 11 players available.  Steve R and Ron undertook to send through to Colin the list of contacts they had.  Steve R would continue to notify players in the event of a match being called off at short notice.  Chris T raised the use of social network sites for keeping in touch, though only a few Outcasts were signed up to these.


It was agreed that no attempt should be made at this stage to identify a specific date for Outcasts' demise as a cricketing outfit, and that we should continue to monitor playing resources, results, and levels of enthusiasm during a period of transition.


8. Election of club officials for 2015

Following a brief discussion about roles and responsibilities it was unanimously agreed that Outcasts' officers should be:           


            Treasurer: Colin Wood                                                  

            Team Captain: Les Cooper                                            

            Vice-Captain(s): Eric Shufflebotham & Steve Ramsden                          

            Social Secretary: Ron Truesdale                                                

            Fixtures Secretary: Steve Ramsden                                                       

            Web Site Editor: Roger Dewhurst


9. Arrangement of fixtures (including weekend matches) / preferred opponents /  prospects for ‘new’ opposition

Steve R took the meeting through arrangements so far for the forthcoming season. Matches had been organised for 7th May, 27th May, 24th June, and 8th July.  It was anticipated that Outcasts might have up to a dozen fixtures during the course of the season, including matches home and away against Reynolds, Lymm, Chorley, and Albion; one-off matches against Peak Park Planners and a Pete Kidd XI, and a couple of games in Dorset.


All members were encouraged to keep their eyes open for potential new opponents and report them to Steve.


10. Kit / equipment requirements for season

It was agreed that Steve R would purchase a further 6 match balls at an estimated cost of around £50 to come out of club funds.


11. Subscriptions / match fees

Colin put forward a number of recommendations that formed the basis for discussion.

  1. We keep annual membership subscriptions to £5 per person for 2015
  2. We extend membership and payment of subs to non-players who regularly participate in Outcasts' activities. This would imply moving away from a purely cricket club model
  3. We keep home match day fees at £4 per player
  4. We continue to charge a variable fee for away matches depending on the pitch costs, travel expenses, and our opponents’ contributions
  5. We review the contribution from club funds to the Dorset trip (linked in part to recommendation 2). Do we need a 'cap', for example?
  6. We continue to support the web site out of club funds


It was agreed that:


- Annual subscriptions should remain at £5 per head

- Membership fees should be restricted to players only

- Home match day fees should stay at £4 per player

- Away match fees should remain variable (usually around £3 per head)

- The Dorset trip should be largely self-financing, with only moneys for opposition           refreshments and awards (such as the Champagne Moment) coming out of club      funds

- The web site should continue to be supported


12. Summer tour to Dorset - update

Roger reported back on the arrangements for the Dorset tour which this year would take place from the 26th to the 30th June.  Games had been arranged for the Saturday and Sunday, and about 20 people had paid their deposits.  Chris T expressed interest in going and Colin undertook to forward details to him.  Roger confirmed that there were still a few spaces available.




13. Review of available squad / ‘new blood’ prospects

Much of the discussion on this item had taken place under other items - see especially item 7. 


Ted N confirmed that Kyran could be available after his GCSEs, Patrick might be free for Wednesday fixtures, and Nick was keen to play too. Rob Doyle (Paul Mooney's brother in law) should be added, too.


14. Website

It was agreed that Outcasts should continue to support the web site out of club funds.  Roger would take a leading role in managing the site and putting together a calendar of fixtures (with Colin's assistance), while Ted N would act as site scrutiniser.


15. Future social events programme  

Ron agreed to take over the coordinating role for Outcasts activities if others would take the lead in organising events. Suggestions for future social activities included:


- the annual trip to the Peel Monument, provisionally arranged for Sunday 22nd March (subsequently        deferred to the following weekend), including a trip on the East Lancs Railway.

- a pre- and post-season golfing event to be organised by Ted N

- a train journey to an interesting destination (the mystery trips, though very popular, were            proving to be very difficult to organise)

- the Stockport beer festival

- a crown green bowling competition (Roger?)

- a visit to the Lake District (Steve R)

- a visit to the Yorkshire Dales

- a Metrolink pub crawl


16. Any other business

a) Timing of the Silver Boot dinner

Ron proposed, and Les seconded, that the Silver Boot annual dinner be brought forward from November to September, nearer to the end of the playing season. After some discussion the motion was defeated on a majority show of hands. 


b) Colin offered to contact Helen to see if she would be happy for an Outcasts' web site page to be set up dedicated to Stephen Hewitt's memory, though rumour had it that she hadn't been too keen.  Les reminded the meeting that there was already a link to Stephen's obituary on The Guardian online site.


17. Date and time of next meeting

Early 2016, date, time and venue to be confirmed


Meeting ended at 18.25.







14 March 2015

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