Outcasts C.C. Committee Meeting 3rd October 2017
Port Street Beer House
Minutes Of Meeting

Present: Les Cooper, Steve Potter, Chris Truesdale, Colin Wood

1. Apologies
Received from Ted Noone.  Unable to attend due to rail disruption.

2. Minutes of meeting of the 7th February
These were agreed as a correct record.

3. Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere on the agenda)

4. Review of season 2017
Les recounted his impressions of the season just gone. The Dorset tour had witnessed a turn round in the playing fortunes of the team with two wins on the road followed by a successful run in the following regular fixtures.  Somewhat amazingly, we had recovered the missing umpire's jacket from Winfrith Newburgh; the ordering of refreshments for a few of the home games had worked well; and the speedy write-up of match reports had been appreciated.

He was disappointed that we were unable to raise a team for the Bakewell match, and the future of this fixture would need to be discussed and addressed at the AGM.  Chris pointed out that the Warrington fixture had also proved problematic and would need to be reviewed, too.

5. Overview of club finances
Colin presented a brief summary of club finances.  £167 had been carried forward from the previous season, and there was £242 currently in the Outcasts' bank account.  There had been no expenditure this year on kit, and the main items of expenditure not covered by match day subs included things like subsidies for refreshments (pizzas), and wine for the groundsmen (still to be delivered as the last match had been called off due to bad weather).

6. Review of organisational operations for the past season
There was a lengthy discussion about how the various roles and responsibilities had worked during the course of the season. A few issues were recognised as needing addressing and these included:
* Separating Chris's and Steve's roles a little more clearly to avoid duplication.  Steve would be responsible for collecting information on player availability, and Chris would concentrate on team selection and captaincy
* It was felt that team notification had come a little later than desirable on occasions and team sheets should go out ideally the weekend before a match
* There were times towards the end of the season when we ended up with too many players on the night.  A clearer and earlier indication of the chosen eleven, plus any substitutes, would help to tackle this
* Some players were notifying Chris rather than Steve of their lack of availability close to match day.  A clarification of roles, as indicated above, would help to eradicate this
(ACTION: Chris and Steve)

It was felt that Chris had enough on his plate with team selection and captaincy, and that we should seek another volunteer to act as Fixtures Secretary.  Soundings could be taken before the AGM from prospective candidates. (ACTION: Les)

7. Club Caps
It was noted that Outcasts had run out of caps, and that several players were now eligible for the award, with one or two others very close to the 25-match qualification benchmark.

It was agreed that we should explore ways of ordering a new batch.  It was suggested that 10-12 might be needed in the first instance, at a likely cost of around £10 each.   These should be awarded free as of right to those players who had played at least 25 matches, with other players who had already been awarded a cap being able to purchase a newer one if they so wished at cost price.

There was some discussion about the type of cap to be ordered, with the blue version being generally preferred because of its shape.  Peter Taylor had made the arrangements for the first batch to be ordered, and it was agreed that Colin would approach Peter to see if he was willing to undertake the task again.  Les had the 'father time' logo that we used last time and could make this available to the chosen manufacturer.   Club funds would be used to make the purchase. (ACTION: Colin)

8. Silver Boot Update
Chris reported that 15 people had confirmed their attendance thus far, with a further 3 sending their apologies.  It was agreed that every effort should be made to encourage as many people as possible to attend, especially those with long standing connections with the club. (ACTION: All)

9. Any Other Business
9.1 Hall Of Fame / Lifetime Achievement Award
There was some support for the idea of an award for club members who had made a significant contribution to Outcasts over a lengthy period.  This could be raised and discussed at the AGM.  Chris said he had a collection of trophies, one of which could be used for such an award should such a proposal prove acceptable.

9.2 Nets
Chris undertook to liaise with Derek Molyneux about the possibility of arranging nets, probably in the Ashton area, before the start of the next season. (ACTION: Chris)

9.3 Role Of The Committee And Chair
Les offered to stand down at the next AGM as per Item 1 in the minutes of the committee meeting held on 7th February 2017, if club members felt there was no further need for such a role now that the transitional period had settled down. Other committee members felt that it was no bad thing to touch base a couple of times each year to discuss matters relating to the operation of the club, and expressed a desire for the committee to continue at least for the time being in its present constitution.  This could be another item for discussion at the AGM

9.4 Dorset
There was some discussion about whether there would be a cricket tour of Dorset in 2018 as Roger had indicated that 2017 would be the last time he would take on this responsibility.  It was understood that one or two other members had offered to help and this, too, would be a matter for the AGM.  Les indicated that there may be an alternative should the Dorset venture fail to come off.

10. Set AGM date and venue for 2018
The evening of Thursday, 8th February was provisionally pencilled in for the AGM, with the venue being Stalybridge Buffet Bar.



Minutes Of Outcasts' Committee Meeting
Britons Protection
7th February 2017
6.00 PM
Present: Les Cooper (Chair), Ted Noone, Steve Potter, Chris Truesdale, Colin Wood
This was the inaugural meeting of the newly formed Outcasts committee.
1. Roles and Responsibilities
Les outlined the role, as he saw it, of the chair.  He outlined the main themes of continuity and inclusiveness.  He stressed the need to maintain strong links between the playing and social sides of the club, and to ensure that there was a healthy pool of players to draw on for the cricket team.  He had seen other clubs that he had been associated with fold in the past when the playing side had come to an end, and he wanted to avoid this if at all possible with Outcasts.  He would be happy to step aside a year on from here if he had succeeded in achieving his two main aims.
Colin reported that the treasurer's role was more clearly established and defined.  It involved collecting annual and match subscriptions, managing the bank account, ensuring that there were sufficient funds to pay for ground fees and essential items of equipment, and preparing an annual report for the AGM.
Captain and Fixtures Secretary
Exceptionally, Chris had taken on board both tasks for the forthcoming season.  The captaincy role would require close involvement in the selection of teams, especially when there were more players available than team places; as well as making all on-field decisions during the course of a match.  In his capacity as Fixtures Secretary, he had already been in touch with a number of clubs, and had provisionally agreed 7 fixtures for the forthcoming season.
Social Secretary
Ted saw his job as essentially one of coordinating the initiatives of other members to make sure that everyone knew what was happening throughout the course of the year.  For this, he would need a comprehensive and up-to-date contact list, and Chris had already circulated his version prior to the meeting.
Team Coordinator
Steve had agreed to take on the duties that Roger had performed last year.  This meant checking out the availability of players for upcoming fixtures, ideally on a month-by-month basis.  This would help to identify games where we were short of numbers or where there were more potential players than places available.  There was some discussion about how to select a side when there were more players than places.  It was agreed that factors to take into account would include, inter alia, the balance of the side, the number of consecutive appearances by each player, and the strength of the opposition. 
2. Contacts
The meeting went through the contacts list that Chris had circulated and it was agreed that Steve would try to get in touch with a couple of names who hadn't been involved of late, to see if they were still keen on being part of the club. 
There was some discussion about whether the distinction should be made between playing members and social members, and whether only playing members should be notified of upcoming fixtures.  It was decided, however, to let everyone know about all Outcasts activities for the time being in the hope that social members might come along to watch the team on occasions.
3. Web Site
Les expressed disappointment that the web site didn't seem to be used all that much, and that he was getting very little feedback from members.  There was some discussion as to whether access to parts of the web site should be password protected and accessible only to those members who had paid their annual subscriptions.  For the time being, however, it was agreed to allow open access.
4. Nets
Chris undertook to liaise with Scott Broadhurst about organising cricket nets prior to the start of the new season.  Walkden High School had been mentioned as a possible venue.
5. Catering
There was some discussion about how to handle catering at home matches, especially where the opposition had provided it at their grounds.  It was agreed that Chris would check first with the opposition to see if they required refreshments, and if they did, this would be added to the match fees for both teams.  It was suggested that Les could arrange pasties, etc, if the weather was settled, and that Andy Broadhurst be approached to see if pizzas could be ordered if the weather was uncertain and refreshments were needed at short notice.
6. Date of Next Meeting
TBA shortly before the start of the new season.
08 February 2017

Date:     Monday 23rd January 2017.
Venue: Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar – 5:30pm – 8.30pm.
Minutes of Meeting
In attendance: Les Cooper, Roger Dewhurst (part),Ted Noone, Steve Potter (part), Steve Ramsden (part), Peter Taylor, Chris Truesdale, Ron Truesdale, Colin Wood
Roger chaired the first part of the meeting.
1.            Apologies for Absence
Scott Broadhurst, Ernest Connell, Rob Doyle, Paul Mooney, Eric Shufflebotham, Bob Sproat, Geoff Stanton, Nick Thompson, Tony Threlfall, David Walsh, Tony Williams
2.            Minutes of the AGM held on the 2nd February 2016 - Matters Arising.
These were agreed as a correct record. Arrangements for organising match reporters had proved problematic.
3.            Minutes of the EGM held on the 28th October 2016 – Matters Arising.
These were agreed as a correct record.
4.            Treasurer’s Report
Colin had previously circulated a summary sheet that showed a breakdown of income and expenditure up to January 2017.  The main points were:-
  1. £256.55 was carried forward from 2015.
  2. £90 was collected in annual subscriptions last year, at £5 per head.  This is £15 more than for 2015.
  3. Income from match day subscriptions just about covered pitch fees (allowing for contributions from our opponents). 
  4. Major additional items of expenditure during 2016 and early 2017 included £108 on web site fees and £60 on new cricket balls
  5. There is currently £167.65 in Outcasts' bank account.  This will be further reduced as a result of subsidising the refreshments at the AGM.
  6. There is an additional £10 'float' not included in the balance sheet figure
Outcasts CC has a current surplus of £167 to carry forward into the new season.  The Dorset trip, which was again self-financing in 2016, contributed a small surplus to club funds.
For A Decision:
A judgment needed to be made as to whether the current surplus, likely to be reduced still further by subsidising the AGM refreshments, was sufficient to deal with any financial commitments likely to arise during the forthcoming year, and any unforeseen eventualities.  At the same time it should be noted that some items of expenditure on the web site this year will not arise again next year - see Item 9.
5.            Captain’s Report
At the 2016 AGM there seemed an air of resignation that the process of running down the team had set in. However with renewed vitality and a challenging array of fresh opposition, we generated a momentum that resulted in new and exciting prospects for Outcasts.
Outcasts played 14 from an original list of 19 fixtures during 2016.
Won 3 – Dorset, Chorley Hospitals (Home) and Warrington B.C. (Home)
New venues / Fixtures
  • Bowden Vale CC  (Vale Vikings)
  • Tottington St. Johns CC (Rammy Dads)
  • Winfrith Newburgh (Dorset)
  • Broadbotton CC
  • Widnes CC (Warrington B.C.)
In addition fixtures were booked against Ramsbottom Traders, Manchester Medics and Brooklands Veterans, but the weather intervened with these. The fixture against Economists at Rostherne was resurrected.
In a watershed season, we had a total of 22 players including regular appearances from new recruits Jeff, Ethan and Nathanial Stanton and Harvey Hunting. In addition Derek, David Walsh and Andy Broadhurst firmly established themselves into the squad as regulars. The most notable appearance was the return of Steve Potter since 2012, making his long awaited 200th appearance for Outcasts. The away fixtures at Bowden Vale, Ashley, Bolton School, Tottington, Broadbottom and Widnes raised the bar for hospitalities in providing post-match food, which we will now have to aspire to.
Steve Ramsden called an end to his long and distinguished career in the solitary match at Dorset where he was given a guard of honour as he went out to open the innings in his final game for Outcasts. In the same fixture, Peter played in his 400th match for Outcasts.
Achievements for 2016.
  • Highest individual score in the regular season – Jeff Stanton with 42 not out against Chorley Hospitals at home. Ant Hobbs hit an unbeaten 67 at Dorset to take the game away from the opposition.
  • Most Wickets in a match – Paul Mooney 5 for 5 off 4 overs at Ashley against Reynolds.
  • Most Runs in the season – Jeff Stanton 176 from 9 Innings.
  • Most Wickets in the season – Chris Truesdale 13 from 32 overs.
  • Most Catches in the season – Les 4.
  • Most Appearances – Les 13 from 14.
  • Best Tea provided – Broadbottom CC. (Homemade Game Pie, Homemade Leek & Stilton Pie, Roast Potatoes, Vegetables, Chips and Mash, Selection of cold sandwiches and pies, selection of cakes and homemade rhubarb crumble and cream). Places to play in next seasons fixture there are now being reserved!!
  • Silver Boot jointly to Chris and Jeff for significant contributions throughout the season
  • Golden Duck to Chris largely due to his outstanding contribution as fixtures secretary
  • Champagne Moment to Scott for an outstanding diving catch in the final game against Warrington
The EGM was held prior to Silver Boot where a new structure was agreed.  The task now will be to make new and social members feel that they are an integral and important part of Outcasts. This process will start this season and will need the willing involvement from everyone associated with the club if is to succeed. The future of Outcasts is as much about involving new members as well as established and distant members.
6.          Social Secretary’s Report
Ron outlined Outcasts'  social activities during the past year.  These included:
  • A ramble around Settle, organised by Les.
  • The annual trip to Dorset, organised by Roger.
  • The golf tournament on the 9th Sept, with Steve P. The overall winner and Patrick Noone recording the longest drive.
  • A drink and meal in Manchester on the 21st September.
  • A trip to Amsterdam in early October.
  • The Stockport County v Salford City on the 8th October, sadly very poorly attended.
  • A pie and peas supper at Stalybridge buffet bar on the 17th November.
  • A Christmas drink and meal at two new venues, organised by Ron, on the 15th December. 
    7.            Election of Club Officials for 2016
    The following officers were elected unopposed:              
    Club Chair:                          Les Cooper
    Team Captain:                   Chris Truesdale
    Treasurer:                           Colin Wood
    Team Co-ordinator:        Steve Potter
    Fixtures Secretary:          Chris Truesdale
    Social Secretary:               Ted Noone
    Les took over from Roger at this stage and chaired the remainder of the meeting.  Les was warmly applauded for his exemplary captaincy and leadership over a good many years.
    8.            Arrangement of Fixtures (Including Weekend Matches) / Preferred Opponents / Prospects for ‘New’ Opposition and The Summer Tour to Dorset
    There was some discussion about fixtures and opponents for the forthcoming season.  Chris T. reported that he had not yet been in touch with Winton Cricket Club about the availability of pitches, but thought that Tuesdays were likely to be free.
    It was felt that the Hebden Bridge fixture should be revived if this was feasible, and that most if not all of last year's fixtures and opponents should be repeated if possible.
    Roger had circulated preliminary information on the Dorset tour via email prior to the meeting.   Accommodation had been booked from the 30th June to the 3rd July, and two fixtures had been preliminarily arranged - one for the Saturday and one for the Sunday.   There was a lengthy discussion, in Roger's absence,  about who should be invited on to the tour.  It was understood that at least two player members were keen to be involved this year in addition to the regular attendees.  It was understood also, however, that there may be accommodation issues, and that there were already enough players to make up a team.  At the same time it was recognised that encouragement needed to be given to new members so that they felt fully part of the Outcasts' 'family'.  It was agreed that club officers would need to discuss with Roger how best to progress this issue.
    9.            Subscriptions / Match Fees
    Colin's Treasurer's Report contained the following recommendations:
  1. We keep annual playing membership subscriptions to £5 per person for 2017.
  2. We encourage non-playing members to contribute £5 per head to help support the club and its social activities.
  3. We keep home match day fees at £4 per player subject to there being no increase in pitch fees at Winton.
  4. We continue to charge a variable fee for away matches depending on the pitch costs, refreshments, travel expenses, and our opponents’ contributions.
  5. £2 per head is charged for those attending the AGM, with the balance paid for out of club funds.
  6. A decision is needed at some stage as to whether we continue to support the web site out of club funds.
After some discussion, it was agreed that:
  1. We keep annual playing membership subscriptions to £5 per person for 2017.
  2. We encourage non-playing members to contribute £5 per head to help support the club and its social activities.
  3. We increase home match day fees at £5 per player subject to further adjustment depending on pitch fees at Winton.
  4. A further charge be invoked in the event of refreshments being provided on home match days.
  5. We continue to charge a variable fee for away matches depending on the pitch costs, refreshments, travel expenses, and our opponents’ contributions
  6. Refreshments at the AGM should be self-funding, rather than subsidised out of club funds.  The bill for the 2017 AGM came to £38.15, with £40 being collected and paid.
  7. Prizes for the golf tournament should be self-funded by participants.
  8. A decision on the web site be made at the next AGM. 
    10.          Review of Available Squad / ‘New Blood’ Prospects
    There was some discussion about the size of the playing squad and the scope for new recruits. It was agreed that every effort ought to be made to encourage Patrick Noone to 'return to the fold', and Ted reported that Kyran may be available more frequently for the forthcoming season.  Several other names were mentioned and it was left for individual members to approach people who might be keen to play for the team.
    11.          Web Site
    Les reported that expenditure of £108 had been incurred during the past 12 months on renewal the licence and paying the annual fees for running the web site.  This included a major item of expenditure of nearly £90 on the web licence that would not need to be renewed again until 2019.
    There was some discussion about the use and usefulness of the web site, and whether it represented value for money, with Les a bit disappointed at the low number of 'hits' and the limited feedback.  It was agreed that we should review the situation at the next AGM.  In the meantime, every encouragement should be given to members to make full use of the information on the web site, and to make contributions to it.
    12.          Future Social Events Programme  
    Ted, the newly elected Social Secretary, undertook to email members to find out their preferences for social events during the forthcoming year.  It was suggested that venues and events might need to have regard to where the majority of active members lived, and that accessibility might be an issue for some.
    13.          Any Other Business
  1. The Outcasts' contact list needed to be updated, with several names on it no longer active members, while the contact details for some newer members were not recorded.
  2. The newly elected Chair undertook to arrange for committee meetings at appropriate intervals throughout the forthcoming year.
  3. Peter T stressed the need to someone to take responsibility for scoring when he wasn't available.
  4. There was some informal discussion about resurrecting weekly nets.  Chris T. agreed to liaise with Scott on this and report back. 
    14.          Date and Time of Next Meeting
    To be arranged for early 2018.
    24 January 2017

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