Outcasts Cricket Club
Extraordinary General Meeting
Bridge Tavern, Radcliffe
Friday 28th October 2016, 18.00
Present: Bob Sproat, Les Cooper, Colin Wood, Paul Graveling, Chris Truesdale, Ron Truesdale, Peter Taylor, Paul Mooney, Derek Molyneux, Dave Buckle
The meeting had been called to discuss three propositions.
Proposition 1:  to consider for approval the establishment of a more formal constitution of elected officers forming a committee to oversee the organisational responsibilities of Outcasts Cricket Club. Such constitution would be structured in the following way:
         club chairman
         team captain
         team co-ordinator
         fixtures secretary
         social secretary
Proposition 2:   should the item be approved, nominations for the posts are to be put forward to and agreed at the annual general meeting. The elected committee will then be minded by the AGM to agree their respective responsibilities for these roles.
Proposition 3:  that Outcasts Cricket Club be 'relaunched' under a new name and new leadership.
After a brief discussion, propositions 1 and 2 were carried unanimously.
After a lengthy discussion it was generally agreed that Outcasts Cricket Club should continue under the same name, and proposition 3 was defeated.
01 November 2016
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