Outcasts Cricket Club 2010

Fixtures and Results
Wednesday 28th Practice Match Home
Wednesday 5th Swinton Lions Home Outcasts win by 8 Wkts
Wednesday 12th Wigan Away Norley Hall C.C. Outcasts win by 7 Wkts
Saturday 15th Hebden Bridge Away Hebden Bridge C.C. Outcasts win by 7 Wkts
Wednesday 19th Chorley Hospitals Home Chorley win by 25 runs
Thursday 27th Reynolds C.C. Away Ashley C.C. Reynolds win by 27 runs
Wednesday 2nd Salford PCT Away Winton C.C. Salford PCT win by 3 Wkts
Wednesday 9th Albion Away Bolton C.C. Cancelled - Rain
Wednesday 16th Wigan Home Outcasts win by 8 Wkts
Tuesday 22nd Salford Personnel Away Winton C.C. Salford win by 3 runs
Saturday 26th Dorset Planners Tour Hooke & Powerstock CC Nettlecombe Outcasts win by 11 runs
Sunday 27th Weymouth Longshots Tour Redlands Sport Club Weymouth Opposition Cancelled
Tuesday 6th Peak Park Planners Away Bakewell C.C. Outcasts win by 4 Wkts
Wednesday 14th Albion Home Match Abandoned - Rain
Wednesday 21st Swinton Lions Away Lower Broughton Opposition Cancelled
Sunday 25th Staffs Social Services Home Staffs win by 41 runs
Wednesday 28th Reynolds C.C. Home Reynolds win by 5 runs
Tuesday 3rd Chorley Hospitals Away Roe Green C.C. Chorley win by 30 runs
Sunday 8th MOB Away Wilmslow Wayfarers Mob win by 6 Wkts
Wednesday 11th Salford PCT Home Salford PCT Win by 6 runs
Wednesday 18th Salford Personnel Home Outcasts win by 7 runs
Wednesday 25th MOSI Home Cancelled - Ground Unfit

Outcasts CC season 2010

Averages for Season 2010 with Qualifacation
BATTINGMatchesInningsRunsNot outHighestAverage4s6s
E. Shufflebotham1515384668*42.67525
R. Truesdale8640522*40.0021
S. Potter66131263*32.75172
S. Broadhurst1313171436*19.00206
P. Mooney1211168244*18.67272
T. Noone131015905115.90231
L. Cooper1593561211.673
K. Ambrey12868225*11.335
R. Dewhurst1087113110.14101
M. Cripps55480259.608
C. Wood972649*8.671
P. Noone10529095.8031
P. Taylor16925193.133
Also Batted - no average and / or fewer than 5 Innings
A. Threlfall3334125*17.006
S. Ramsden64270226.752
P Chick1118118*3
M. Spencer111601616.002
D. Buckle111401414.001
T. Williams7313110*6.50
G. Oldfield42100105.001
G. Mooney116066.001
C. Truesdale423021.50
G. Buxton112022.00
S. Hewitt112022.00
M. Thompson111011.00
A. Broadhurst110000.00
BowlingOversMaidensRunsWtsB.B.AverageS. rateE. rate
C. Truesdale12.045274-47.4310.294.33
P. Noone43.48145122-912.0821.833.32
R. Dewhurst34.05134112-1212.1818.553.94
L. Cooper59.513191142-613.6425.643.19
E. Shufflebotham23.0511072-2115.7119.714.78
T. Noone39.33221103-4022.1023.705.59
P. Taylor18.0013562-1522.5018.007.50
R. Truesdale31.0114062-923.3331.004.52
K. Ambrey40.0313652-2227.2048.003.40
P. Mooney33.0514043-735.0049.504.24
T. Williams16.4012021-3160.0050.007.20
Also Bowled - no average and / or fewer than 10 overs
C. Wood5.003833-912.6710.007.60
S. Broadhurst8.006321-1331.5024.007.88
G. Buxton3.002011-2020.0018.006.67
M. Thompson2.002511-2525.0012.0012.50
D. Buckle3.00600-62.00
P. Chick3.001500-155.00
S. Potter2.00800-84.00
G. Oldfield2.002400-2412.00
P. Mooney55
L. Cooper44
T. Noone44
A. Broadhurst33
S. Broadhurst33
S. Potter213
R. Truesdale33
S. Hewitt22
P. Noone22
S. Ramsden22
P. Taylor22
K. Ambrey11
D. Buckle11
P. Chick11
R. Dewhurst11
G. Oldfield11
C. Wood11

Match 11 does not count in the averages as it was abandoned.



Sadly, just two days too late to influence Colin Montgomerie’s Ryder Cup selection, the inaugural Outcasts’Golf Day took place on 31st August at William Wroe golf course in Flixton.  The eight intrepid golfers, plus golfing groupie Colin, gathered in the Bird I’th’ Hand pub, just a 7 iron away from the course.  The weather was glorious, a perfect late summer’s day, one of the few, as we assembled on the first tee.  A bewildering array of golfing equipment was on display, of various vintages, some borrowed, some retrieved from lofts and garages, and some high-tech, state of the art gear owned by our regular players.


The course was ideal for the purpose, being reasonably flat, and not too demanding for a group of mixed experience and golfing ability, yet still providing a test for those who knew which end of the club to hold.  Despite first tee nerves, everyone managed to propel their ball in a roughly forward direction, although the fairway was a stranger to many of us for most of the day.  Fortunately the group playing behind us didn’t seem in too much of a hurry, and it was just as well, as we made our stuttering and stately way around the course.


The first prize on offer was for nearest the pin on the short 7th hole.  This was won by a magnificent shot from Steve Potter to within about 15 feet of the flag.  Anyone who suggested that he only won because no-one else was within 30 yards of the green would just be a bitter old cynic.  The course is in two halves, divided by a very busy railway line, and as the two groups passed each other by the 10th tee, enquiries about who was doing well were met with non-committal shrugs as speculation mounted about who might be the bandit in our midst. 


The back 9 was slightly less scenic, and shorter than the front 9, and included no less than five par 3s, but several of these were close to 200 yards and still required a full blooded belt to reach the green.  There were also a couple of holes where bizarrely, the use of woods was banned, although it probably wouldn’t have made much difference to us.  The longest drive competition took place on the long 18th hole, the second most difficult on the course.  This was the opportunity for the big hitters to open their shoulders and let rip.  However, in the first group, Peter Taylor was the only player not to end up in the rough, and so he held the lead as the second group teed up.  It wasn’t the longest  drive ever, but like Peter’s play through the day, was right down the middle.  In the second group, Patrick Noone had been hitting some booming drives including a couple that had threatened the wellbeing of the group in front, and he unleashed another monster here.  Unfortunately for him, his drive clipped a tree on the right and dropped in the rough.  Just one player remained to challenge Peter’s effort, and Paul Mooney had saved his best drive to the end, sailing past Peter’s ball to claim the prize.


The weary participants then returned to the beer garden of the Bird I’th’ Hand for the final reckoning and the prizegiving.  Keith Ambrey, one of our regular golfers, was the clear winner with a very steady round earning 33 Stableford points (explanation of the Stableford scoring system available on request) and was awarded the handsome Outcasts CC Golf Trophy.  Organiser Ted Noone then had a dilemma, as he’d only provided one runner’s up prize, but no less than FIVE players came second with 25 points, a triumph for the Handicap Committee, but a nightmare for the organiser (in this case, the same person!).  The famous five were Steve Ramsden, Steve Potter, Patrick Noone, Paul Mooney and Ted himself.  In a properly organised tournament, there would have been a well documented process for separating the participants with a sudden death playoff or something, but instead, we split a four pack of cans of Pedigree and muddled through.  Steve Potter and Paul were awarded their prizes for Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive respectively, rounding off a thoroughly enjoyable day, and one which all those present agreed we should repeat on an annual basis.


TN 1/9/10







Pete Kidd, Andy Lowe, Matthew Cripps, Steve Hewitt




Les Cooper (chair), Keith Ambrey, Steve Potter, Eric Shufflebotham, Ted Noone, Colin Wood, Ernest Connell,  Pete Taylor, Ron Truesdale, Chris Truesdale, Steve Ramsden, Tony Williams, Roger Dewhurst, Paul Mooney, Graham Oldfield




Approved as a correct record




The issue of touching Peel Monument  to ensure good luck for the coming season was raised by Tony, although there had been little evidence of a positive outcome in terms of results, from this action, last season. It was agreed that this would be considered under forthcoming social events.




The Outcasts Accounts for 2009/10 were duly circulated. Steve gave a very positive financial report, and explained that we are fine for cash. This is without a six figure bonus being paid. The opening balance for 2009/10 had been £214, and the closing balance £538, although for comparison purposes the cost of nets ( approximately £280) would have to be deducted from the closing balance. Steve was complemented on his prudent financial management- a future Chancellor in waiting.




Ron reported on the season. Out of 22 games, The Outcasts had won 5, loss 9 and 8 had been called off due to the bad summer.  Overall it had been a  poor season, and we had not played as well as we could. Ron felt that we should put the season down to experience, and look forward to next. However, it was felt that we had not been embarrassed, and there had been quite a few close results. Ron was thanked for his  efforts as captain, and the challenge of getting results at the same time as ensuring everyone is given the opportunity to participate in games was fully appreciated.





Keith outlined another very successful year, in which many people had contributed to organising social events. 2009  included:-

1) January 30th to February 2nd  Lakes walking trip, Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater

2) April 18th Trip to Peel Monument, Summerseat

3) April 28th  Snooker- Sheffield

4) May 29th -Stockport Beer Festival

5) June 3rd/6th - Dorset

6) September 14th Social Gathering Manchester

7) September 18th/21st Walking Trip Northumberland

8) October 2nd/5th -Outcasts Overseas Trip to Ghent and Brussels

9) October 17th- Trip Nottingham

10) October 22nd -Stalybridge Pie and Peas and beer

11) November 13th Silver Boot- Didsbury

12) December 3rd - Trip Liverpool

13) December 14th -Xmas get together in town


Thanks to all who arranged the events




1        Treasurer- Taking into account many years of financial prudence, Steve was duly re-elected as Treasurer

2         Team Captain- Ron stated that he did not wish to stand again this year, and was thanked for his sterling efforts in previous years. After long discussion, and taking into account his ability to shift copious amounts of food, “2 Pies Cooper” was nominated and agreed to take up the reins for the forthcoming season, supported by  Vice Captains when not available.

3        Vice Captains- To maintain some balance “One Butty Ramsden” was elected as official deputy, although others agreed to fulfill this role if required.

4         Nets Secretary- Eric was elected unopposed

5        Social Secretary-Keith unopposed

6        Fixture Secretary-Steve R-unopposed




Steve R reported that we have been invited back to SW Manchester. Steve Price has gone, and been replaced by Bob Lomas. Until SW Manchesters’ junior fixtures are sorted, it will not be possible to identify dates for home games. At this stage, 4 fixtures have been organised including Hebden Bridge on 15th May. Steve will update as things progress.

It was agreed that the fixture with the Economists had probably run its course.

Colin asked how many GMC Districts we still played against. It was noted that this had only included Wigan on a regular basis, although last year we played against Trafford Borough and there has been a fixture with Salford Personnel. It was noted that the fixture with Cheetham Hill had ended out of choice. If anyone has any contacts regarding possible new mid-week fixtures, can they let Steve R know.




Hebden Bridge confirmed for 15th May. Steve stated that Staffordshire had expressed interest in a fixture and it was agreed that we should pursue this if they are prepared to come to Manchester. Steve Potter agreed to explore a fixture with the MOB X1. Eric indicated that he was exploring the possibility of a fixture with Charlesworth over 40s Team.




It was confirmed that Pete's pencil still had years of life left in it.


It was agreed that Eric would sort out a new equipment bag and Steve some new balls given the dissatisfaction of having to use “shitty old ones“. It was noted that the wicket keeping gloves were past their best and a new pair could be purchased at  Steve Rs discretion. It was not felt that thigh pads should be purchased.


It was noted that 2011 will clock up 25 years since the Cricket Team was formed. (For those who can’t remember, some of us had hair, could run and were able to throw the ball in those days. Other members of the squad were not born).To celebrate this glorious occasion, it was agreed that the availability of  logo specific cricket and polo shirts should be pursued. Chris agreed to make initial enquiries and report back.




It was agreed that subscriptions would increase to £22 and match fees and net fees would stay at £4. Again, this assumes that there will not be a significant increase in the cost of the South West Manchester pitch. It was further agreed that in light of the telephone costs etc. Steve R incurs in arranging fixtures, communicating cancelled games etc. his subscription would be waived.




Roger explained that there were 2 options in terms of dates for the Tour-  weekend of June 18/21st and June 25/28th. Berwick Manor is available on both these dates. In addition, The Farmhouse (accommodates 12 people) is available on the 18/21st , and the Carriage House (accommodates 6 people) is available on the 25/28th . From the replies, Roger explained that we now have sufficient numbers of players for a Team, and overall, numbers are similar to last year.

The 25/28th  was preferred, and it was agreed that Roger would book accommodation for this weekend subject to it being acceptable to the Dorset cricket teams. Roger would decide whether we need to book the Carriage House as well, once numbers requiring accommodation are clearer. Roger was thanks for all his efforts.






Colin Wood was welcomed back to the fold. A number of new names were suggested (Ade Woollard, Brenden Bostock?). It was also felt that Scotts Dad  should be included as a full member of the Squad, although his working hours may make this difficult. Contact should be maintained with Shahid who should be considered for appropriate games.





Allrounder was complemented on further improvements  to the Website this year. In addition Bibulus was congratulated on the quality of the wine reports.

It was agreed that efforts should be made to build up a collection of photos of cricket grounds visited.

 Ted raised concerns regarding the missing match reports that had not appeared on the website, in particular those relating to the Tour. It was agreed that people should be nominated in advance to write the reports, and the work should be shared round. Those who don’t deliver will be whipped.




It was agreed that one central point is needed, and this should be the website, to succeed Petes folders. It was noted that there are ways and means of protecting this information so that it is only accessible to Outcasts. Please forward changes to landline phone, mobile phone,  E Mail addresses etc. to allrounder@outcastscc.org.uk 




Trip to Peel Monument, and gift of Marmite to the Gods- pre season- Keith/Les

Yorkshire Dales- end of April- Roger

April 17-24 Canal Trip- Eric

International Cricket at Old Trafford- Keith will E Mail People

Trip to Europe- October- Pete

Golf Day -end of season, probably a Wednesday in September. Preference for Municipal Course- Ted


It was agreed that the annual events should continue, with the kind support of the usual organisers ie Stockport Beer Festival (Chris T), Stalybridge Pie and Peas (Eric), and Nantwich Food Festival (Pete). Keith, Steve, Graham and Eric would work on walking trips- Lakes/Northumberland.



It was agreed that Stalybridge Station Buffet should be the preferred location for future AGMs

 A query was raised as to whether we needed to Register the name Outcasts CC, as a club with the same name exists in the Lincoln area. Les confirmed that the clubs internet address is registered, therefore no action is required.

Les was thanked for his Chairmanship of the meeting, and attendees staggered off, much the worse for copious amounts of beer and black peas. Will the ozone layer survive the concequences?




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