OUTCASTS C.C. Season 2011 Fixtures and Results

APRIL Venue Result
Wednesday 27th Practice Match Home
Wednesday 4th M.O.S.I. Home Outcasts Win by 7 Wickets
Thursday 12th Reynolds C.C. Away Ashley C.C. Outcasts Win by 8 Wickets
Wednesday 18th Swinton Lions Home Cancelled - Pitch unfit due to earlier rain
Wednesday 25th Wigan Away Norley Hall C.C. Match Tied
Wednesday 1st Chorley Hospitals Home Outcasts Win by 6 Runs
Tuesday 7th Peak Park Planners Away Bakewell C.C. Peak Park Win by 11 Runs
Wednesday 15th Albion Home No Play possible due to rain affected pitch
Wednesday 22nd Wigan Home Outcasts Win by 6 Runs
Saturday 25th Dorset Dinosaurs Tour Nettlecombe Dorset win by 12 runs
Sunday 26th Sterling's XI Tour Redlands Sterling's XI win by 7 wickets
Wednesday 6th Reynolds C.C. Home No Play possible due to rain
Wednesday 13th Albion Away Bolton C.C. Outcasts win by 10 wickets
Wednesday 20th Salford PCT Home Outcasts win by 25 runs
Sunday 24th Staffs Social Services Away North Staffs Sports Club Staffs win by a 190 runs
Wednesday 27th Salford Personnel Away venue TBC Outcasts win by 5 wickets
Wednesday 3rd Peter Kidd's Salford XI Away Home Salford win by 3 wickets
Wednesday 10th Swinton Lions Away Winton C.C. No Play possible due to rain
Thursday 18th Salford PCT Away Clifton C. C. Match abandoned after 6 overs - Rain
Thursday 25th Chorley Hospitals Away Roe Green C.C. Chorley win by 9 wickets
Sunday 28th MOB XI Home Cancelled - opposition defaulted
Wednesday 31st Salford Personnel Home

Outcasts C.C. Averages 2011

BATTINGMatchesInningsRunsNot outHighestAverage4s6s
E. Shufflebotham1110309555*61.80326
S. Kaleem882232100*37.17276
C. Wood10670325*23.335
S. Broadhurst5591147*22.7512
S. Ramsden11642421*21.004
P. Mooney141316943418.78175
T. Noone1312126428*15.7514
K. Ambrey1199914812.386
R. Dewhurst117610248.715
L. Cooper12612082.001
P. Taylor1462110.40
Also Batted(no average and/or fewer than 5 innings)
A. Threlfall225204526.005
S. Potter112602626.00
T. Williams942131021.001
M. Cripps22170138.502
D. Buckle33190106.331
P. Chick2210065.001
S. Hewitt325052.50
G. Oldfield42414*4.00
R. Truesdale636153.001
P. Noone426063.00
G. Mooney112022.00
Also Played
K. Noone4
OversMaidensRunsWtsB.B.AverageS. rateE. rate
+ inc. 2 x 8 ball overs
* inc 3 x 8 ball overs
Also Bowled(no average and/or fewer than 10 overs)
S. Ramsden729
C. Wood55
D. Buckle22
L. Cooper22
R. Dewhurst22
S. Kaleem22
S. Broadhurst11
T. Threlfall11







 APOLOGIES: Andy Lowe, Ron Truesdale, Chris Truesdale, Ernest Connell, Ted Roskill, Paul Graveling


IN ATTENDANCE: Les Cooper (chair), Keith Ambrey, Eric Shufflebotham, Ted Noone, Colin Wood, Pete Taylor, Steve Ramsden, Tony Williams, Roger Dewhurst, Paul Mooney, Graham Oldfield, Colin Cooper.




Approved as a correct record




Shirts- Item 11 of previous minutes. It was noted at the last AGM, that in 2011 we will clock up 25 years since the Cricket Team was formed. To celebrate, the availability of logo specific cricket and polo shirts should be pursued. Pete Taylor said that he had been in contact with Peak Sports, but the previous logo disc could not be located. In any case a new logo would be needed (previous one £60) and shirts would need to be costed out.

ACTION: It was agreed to pick this up under item 9, Kit and Equipment Requirements.




Our new Treasurer, Colin Wood, reported that £702-40p had been transferred across from the account of the previous Treasurer, Steve Potter (details forwarded in an E Mail prior to the meeting). After  up front expenditure on Nets and The Website, the current balance is £440.62p. However nets are being well attended and income will boost the balance. It was confirmed that there is no exposure to Prince Andrew and his exploits.


Steve Potter was thanked for his sterling efforts over the years before fleeing a destitute Britain for Abu Dhabi, and Colin was thanked for his report, and taking on this task. 







Les reflected on the season. In summary, Outcasts played 16 games, winning 7 and losing 9. This was an improvement on the previous season, and a relatively good outcome. The season started really well with 3 straight wins. However, this was followed by defeats against Chorley Hospitals, Reynolds and Salford PCT. In the following game against Albion, the game was rained off when Outcasts were in a winning position. This was followed by a good win at Wigan, but a defeat against Salford Personnel at Winton. The tour to Dorset then followed with an excellent weekend, but  marred by Weymouth Longshots not being able to get a team out. A win was achieved against Dorset Planners at Hooke and Powerstock CC. On our return from the Tour, a remarkable win was achieved at Bakewell with Pete Taylor hitting the winning run. Things then took a downturn  against Staffordshire Social Services, when the game turned against us with a “ringer” smashing our bowlers all round the ground. Reynolds then beat us by a narrow margin of 5 runs. Following this game, we played Chorley Hospitals at Roe Green with Colin achieving excellent bowling figures of 3-9, although we lost by 40 runs. In the next game, a weekend match, a closely fought game drifted away against MOB X1, although Roger came back from the dead. Further misery was inflicted with a 5th defeat on the run against Salford PCT, Dave Williams making a major contribution against us! However we ended the season with a win against a Pete Kidd  (Salford Personnel)X1, with some further games being rained off.


Les felt that whilst victory was important, this had to be balanced by keeping everyone involved. He felt this balance had been achieved. He complimented Colin on his return to the fold, and how he had fitted in. He also felt that overall, the field placings had come off, and that with a little more luck the gap between wins/ defeats would have been much less.


Finally, Les referred to The Silver Boot awards, which are well documented on the website, and complimented the joint winners- Eric and Scott, along with Eric again for the Champagne Moment, Colin for the Golden Duck and Ted for the Bridehead Challenge Trophy.


Les was thanked for his excellent captaincy and leadership throughout the season, and the way in which he had kept all players involved in games, whilst achieving an acceptable level of success- a difficult task.




Keith outlined a comprehensive range of events that had taken place in 2010/11, with  many people contributing to their organisation. These included:-

1) April 17th/24th - Canal Boat Trip, Oxford Canal- Eric

2) May 8th -Trip to Peel Monument, and walk- Keith aided by Les

3) June 4th  -Stockport Beer Festival -Chris

5) June 25th/28th - Dorset Tour -Roger

6) August 31st -Golf Day, Flixton -Ted

7) October 8th/11th  -Outcasts Overseas Trip to  Brussels- Pete

8) October 21st  -Stalybridge Pie and Peas and beer- Eric

11) November 19th -Silver Boot, Manchester Armenian Taverna- Ted

12) December 4th  - Trip Lancaster- Keith

13) December 15th -Xmas Market in Manchester- Keith

14) December 20th  -Manchester, Grey Horse and Ashoka- Keith

15) February 26th - Mystery Train Trip, Oakham, Rutland- Eric


Unfortunately, it was not possible to obtain tickets for the Snooker at Sheffield, and the Trip to Northumberland had to be cancelled due to illness/injury. However, on the positive side, new additions to the Social Calendar- the Golf Day and Mystery Train Trip- were roaring successes and will no doubt be repeated in the future.


Thanks to all who arranged the events




1        Treasurer- Taking into account Colins sterling efforts so far, he was duly re-elected as Treasurer, although in light of the state of the economy it was felt that no record bonus could be paid.

2         Team Captain- Following a successful season, Les was re-elected unopposed with a strong vote of confidence

3        Vice Captains- To maintain some balance Steve Ramsden and Eric Shufflebotham were elected as official deputies, although others agreed to fulfill this role if required.

4         Nets Secretary- Eric was elected unopposed, following an excellent job this year

5        Social Secretary-Keith “The Army Bike” Ambrey was elected unopposed

6        Fixture Secretary-Steve (*) Ramsden-Elected unopposed and complimented on carrying out the hardest job of the lot.

                  * unprintable due to E Mail foul language screening




Steve R reported that he had contacted SW Manchester, and we have been invited back. Bob Lomas has offered us Wednesday evenings throughout the summer. The only issue relating to fixtures is Hebden Bridge who are having difficulty getting a team together and will ring again in 6 weeks time. Dates so far are:-

ź         Outdoor Practice 27th April 2011 South West Manchester

ź         MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry)-4th May at Home

ź         Reynolds - 12 May- Ashley CC 

In addition, 3 to 4 players have been requested to play for a combined SW Manchester Team against a team from SW Australia on 14th August 2011


ACTION  Steve will send further details as fixtures are arranged, but there will be no shortage of opponents.


Steve was thanked for his efforts.





 Petes pencil now has one years less life in it, but should survive the season.


It was agreed that 2 new bats are needed. They will probably be £120 each and Colin confirmed that funds are available for these.

ACTION Eric to purchase



It was agreed that some new quality balls are needed .

ACTION Steve R agreed to pursue this


The issue of shirts was picked up from actions arising.  Pete  explained that it would probably cost £60 to set up the disc for the logo (Jacquard). This cost was agreed. In the past shirts had been £11 or £13 for a superior quality with smoother finish. There is also an issue of what colour we go for.


With reference to caps, there is a protocol as to who wears them, and some are still available.


ACTION Pete to contact Peak Sports and report back with possible colours that are available for shirts, and up-to-date costs.




It was agreed that subscriptions would  remain at £22 and match fees and net fees would stay at £4. This assumes that there will not be a significant increase in the cost of the South West Manchester pitch. If this happens, a review would take place.


ACTION Colin will confirm the date by which payment of subs needs to be made.




Roger confirmed that accommodation is now booked. He had booked both properties (The Manor and the Cottage) because with the numbers that are coming, it would not be possible to squeeze everyone into the Manor. He indicated that the cost would be a straight split of £90 per person. He asked that those people who have not yet sent their deposits to him do so. Currently, there are 11 cricketers, 2 male groupies, and a number of partners going on the tour.


ACTION Roger will send an E Mail 4 weeks before the Tour confirming details. People who have not sent their deposit to Roger need to.


Roger was thanked for making the arrangements.








Kieran Noone is now growing up fast and should stake his claim to bring the average age below 50, and improve the quality of the Team.

Scott is likely to be in Leeds but still intends to play.

Steve Potter will be back in August




It was felt that there should be some back-up to support Allrounder in the event of unavailability.  Roger and Graham showed interest in this  role.






It was noted that the secure page on the website containing these details needed updating, which Allrounder will undertake.


ACTION if anyone has any further changes, they should E Mail them to allrounder@outcastscc.org.uk 




ź         Keith confirmed that the Trip to Peel Monument, and gift of Marmite to the Gods, has been arranged for 7th May 2011

ź         It was agreed that something should be arranged for the Royal Wedding Day on 29th April which doesn’t involve any link to the Royal Wedding whatsoever. Steve R would look at the possibility of a trip to Eskdale

ź         It was noted that there are 2 one day cricket internationals at Old Trafford, and Keith would explore dates and interest.

ź         Given the success of the Mystery Train Tour, others to be arranged (Eric with interested support)

ź         Les to look into the possibility of arranging a Crown Green Bowling Competition.

ź         Trip down the Ship Canal to Liverpool- Pete to explore by ordinary boat, and Colin Cooper to explore by Steam Barge.


It was agreed that the annual events should continue, with the kind support of the usual organisers ie Stockport Beer Festival (Chris T),  Golf Day (Ted, supported by Keith), Stalybridge Pie and Peas (Eric), Nantwich Food Festival (Pete), Trip to Europe (Pete). Keith, Steve, Graham and Eric would work on walking trips- Lakes/Northumberland.




Team Selection It was agreed that this placed an onerous task on Steve and needed to be reviewed. It should be based on a process agreed by everyone and not down to one individual.

ACTION It was agreed that this would be discussed and criteria agreed in the bar after the practice match on 27th April.

Les was thanked for his Chairmanship of the meeting, and   attendees staggered off, full of beer, black peas and environmentally unfriendly obnoxious gasses.




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