Outcasts Cricket Club
Season 2012 Fixtures

Opposition Venue Result
Thursday 3rd Reynolds Away - Ashley C.C. Outcasts win by 1 run
Tuesday 8th Albion Away - Bolton C.C. Cancelled - Waterlogged Pitch
Wednesday 16th Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) Home - Winton C.C. Opposition Defaulted
Wednesday 23rd Salford PCT Home - Winton C.C. PCT won by 5 Wickets
Saturday 26th Hebden Bridge C.C. (2.00PM Start) Away - Hebden Bridge C.C. Hebden Bridge won by 1 Wicket
Week of 30th No Game
Wednesday 6th Swinton Lions Home - Winton C.C. No Result - Rain
Sunday 10th Whalley Range C.C. Away - Whalley Range C.C. Opposition Defaulted
Wednesday 13th Swinton Lions Home - Winton C.C. Lions win by 6 wickets
Wednesday 20th Salford Personnel Lower Broughton Outcasts win by 7 wickets
Tuesday 26th Peak Park Planners Away - Bakewell C.C. Cancelled - Ground Unfit
Saturday 30th Dorset Planners Symene CC, Symondsbury Dorset win
Sunday 1st Bride Vale CC Bridehead, Little Bredy Match Drawn
Week of 4th no match this week
Wednesday 11th Reynolds Home - Winton C.C. Cancelled - Ground Unfit
Wednesday 18th Albion Home - Winton C.C. Cancelled - Ground Unfit
Wednesday 25th Chorley Hospitals Away - Astley Bridge C.C. Chorley win by 9 wickets
Wednesday 1st Albion Away - Winton C.C. Albion won by 7 wickets
Wednesday 8th Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) Home - Winton C.C. Opposition Defaulted
Wednesday 15th Salford PCT Away -Clifton C.C. Cancelled - Rain
Wednesday 22nd Chorley Hospitals Home - Winton C.C. Outcasts won by 8 wickets
Wednesday 29th Salford Personnel Home - Winton C.C. Cancelled - Ground Unfit







 APOLOGIES: Chris Truesdale, Ernest Connell, Paul Graveling, Paul Mooney, Dave Battersby, Colin Cooper


IN ATTENDANCE: Les Cooper (chair), Keith Ambrey, Eric Shufflebotham, Ted Noone, Colin Wood, Pete Taylor, Steve Ramsden, Tony Williams, Roger Dewhurst, Graham Oldfield, Ron Truesdale.


2)      MINUTES OF LAST AGM ON 10.03.11


Approved as a correct record




Ron asked whether progress had been made on team selection, as minuted under item 16. Steve responded that it had been worked on organically, there had not been a problem and there was no need to revisit this matter. He would continue to discuss any issues with the Captain, and would only flag up if a significant problem arose in the future

ACTION: None required




Colin reported that he had circulated summary sheets via email prior to the meeting and brought a detailed breakdown of income and expenditure to the AGM.


He reported that Outcasts CC finances were in a healthy state, with the club  £650 in the black as of the beginning of February 2012. A new bank account had been set up with Lloyds TSB under Outcasts CC name.


Colin outlined the key financial points as follows:-

* £702 had been carried forward  from 2010

* £298 had been collected in annual subs last year

* Income from match subscriptions just about covered pitch fees, with a slight surplus of £56 over the playing season

*Nets had cost the club £352, and £344 had been collected in nets subs, a minor deficit

* Major items of expenditure had included 2 new bats (£260), with additional sums used for getting the logo for the new polo shirts redesigned, a new set of cricket balls, and renewal of the web site license.


Based on a question from Graham, he confirmed that the account where the money is held does not earn interest.


Given that the club is moving to a new home in 2012 with lower match fees, outcasts were in a position to review the subscriptions fee structure with options included :-

*reduce annual subscriptions

*reduce match day subs and /or net subs

*reduce the amount contributed by our opponents

ACTION:  It was agreed to pick this up under item 12


Ron queried a cost relating to polo shirts. Pete confirmed that this did not relate to shirts themselves, but for the cost of the logo.


It was noted that there had been sufficient funding for expenditure on new bats and balls.


Colin was thanked for the clarity of his report and  maintaining the club finances in such a healthy position






Les reflected on the season. In summary, Outcasts had 21 fixtures booked.15 were played and Outcasts won 7, lost 7 and 1 was tied. 5 were rain affected, and one team defaulted. The Captain explained that he had 2 targets- beat Reynolds and Chorley. He was pleased that we ‘had done’ Reynolds along with a very good win at home against Chorley. His main disappointment had been Bakewell. The performance had been poor, despite Erics heroic efforts. The most remarkable match had been against Albion where Shahid made an amazing 100 not out, backed up by Scott, to win the game.


Overall in the season, Eric had topped the batting and bowling averages, Shahid had won the silver boot with his Albion innings. Paul Mooneys hat-trick achievement was also referred to. This was an improvement on the previous season, and a relatively good outcome.


Les was thanked for the excellent job he had done throughout the season and his high quality leadership.




Keith outlined a comprehensive range of events that had taken place in 2011/12, with many people contributing to their organisation. He commented on the fact that the number of social events were on par with the number of games actually played! These included:-


1)April 29th - Royal wedding walk

2) May 7th  -Trip to Peel Monument, and walk- Keith aided by Les

3) June 3rd   -Stockport Beer Festival -Chris

4) June 24th/27th - Dorset Tour -Roger

5) July 9th - Final One Day Test, England v Sri Lanka leading to us winning series3-2 -Keith

6) August 30th  -Golf Day, Flixton -Ted

7)September 10th Mystery Train Trip (Durham)  -Eric

8) September 30th -October 2nd  -Outcasts Overseas Trip to  Brussels- Pete aided by Roger

9)October 14th- walking weekend- Northumberland -Keith

10) October 27th  -Stalybridge Pie and Peas (and beer)- Eric

11) November 19th -Silver Boot, Manchester- Rice Bowl- Eric

12) December 15th  - TrainTrip Nottingham- Keith

13) December 20th -Xmas get together in Manchester Grey Horse and Great Wall-Keith

14) February 13th - Train Trip, Liverpool,-Keith


Unfortunately, it was not possible to obtain tickets for the Snooker at Sheffield. 


All those who arranged  events were thanked for their efforts, and Keith was thanked for his role in overall co-ordination.





Rather than go through each one individually, the question was asked as to whether anyone wanted to challenge for a post or whether anyone wanted to resign. No one volunteered either way, leaving club official membership as follows:-


1     Treasurer- Colin Wood

2      Team Captain- Les Cooper

3     Vice Captains- Steve Ramsden and Eric Shufflebotham

4         Nets Secretary- Eric Shufflebotham

5        Social Secretary-Keith Ambrey

6        Fixtures Secretary-Steve Ramsden  

Thanks were given to all Officials for the fantastic job they had done throughout the year.





Steve reported that there had been general agreement that S.W. Manchester had run its course as our home ground, and that change was in the air. Background research about other possibilities confirmed the view that we should be looking near to the M60 for ease of access, and that Winton CC was the preferred option. With the help of Tony, Steve had made contact with M. Humphreys at the club. The response had been that we would be very welcome in principle, and a commitment could be made to us playing mainly on Wednesday as the ‘chief guest/ main user’. Subsequently, we have agreement to any Wednesday except 4, and the deed has been done.


Steve reported that SW Manchester were shocked by our withdrawal, but the parting had been polite and on good terms.


It was also agreed that a vote of thanks should be given to Pete Kidd, who had been very helpful to our cause behind the scenes. 


ACTION:   Vote of thanks to be passed on by Allrounder.


Steve was thanked for the splendid efforts he had made to achieve change, along with all others, in particular Tony, who had put in considerable efforts in exploring options.





 Steve reiterated that Wednesday would be our home night at Winton, and that he would be focussing on getting fixtures arranged over the next few weeks.

ACTION:  Steve will send further details as fixtures are arranged.


Steve was thanked for his efforts.


It was agreed that we probably play Pete Kidds team too often and it was agreed that we should look at other possibilities


ACTION:   Any suggestions to the Captain. Eric to check out Charlesworth over 40s- could be weekend?





Following discussion, it was agreed that the fixture with Staffordshire had run its course, with the team bearing little resemblance to previous fixtures.

ACTION: Steve to discontinue the fixture


The fixture with MOBX1 was also discussed after they had let us down. It was agreed to give them one more chance and continue the fixture this year, although Ron recorded his opposition.


A possible fixture with Whalley Range was discussed as a new Sunday fixture.

ACTION:  Les to explore possibility and Steve to check whether Winton would be available for any Sunday games, or alternatively Roe Green.


It was agreed that contact should be made with Hebden Bridge to see whether they are still functional as a team.

ACTION:  Steve to pursue


Finally it was agreed that Peak Park Planners should be contacted to ascertain whether they would come to us for a Sunday game.

ACTION:  Les to pursue




 It was confirmed that Pete’s pencil is still OK- Years of life left in it!!


Other equipment was discussed. It was agreed that a Pair of batting pads, new balls, and a new pair of wicket keepers pads were needed.


ACTION Colin/Steve to organise accordingly






Following long discussion it was agreed that:-

* Match fees should stay the same-£4 per person

* We should charge opponents accordingly to us- 50%

* Nets- to remain the same

* Annual subscription- to be reduced to £15. This should still provide a surplus in the event of an unpredictable event.



ACTION: Colin will confirm the date by which payment of subs needs to be made.




To clarify any possible confusion, it was agreed that no other alternatives were being looked at.


Roger confirmed that based on his E Mail, There had been a good response in terms of the number wishing to tour. Of the dates that had been identified, the weekend of the 29th   June had significant support. In addition Dorset Planners, our Saturday opponents, have expressed a clear preference for that weekend. On this basis Roger had reserved accommodation for this weekend. It was recognised that Ron, Chris and Dave along with partners/children had indicated that they would not be able to make this weekend, but he hoped that they may be able to re-arrange their plans.


The AGM ratified the weekend of 29th, and gave a vote of thanks to Roger for his efforts.


ACTION:  Roger to progress arrangements for the Dorset weekend





It was hoped that Kieren would become an integral member of the squad for the coming season. In addition, other possibilities include a friend of Les’s who he hopes to bring to nets, Dave Battersby (through Steve) and Tim Weslake (through Colin).


It was noted that when approached by Tony, Vince Doyle showed no interest in becoming involved again, and Paul Mooney, after an operation would probably miss a lot of the season. The meeting sent its best wishes to Paul for a speedy recovery.





Peter explained that due to his changing circumstances, he would not be able to attend as many games as he had done in previous seasons. It was therefore an opportune time to consider how the role of scoring would be fulfilled in his absence. He proposed that he should prepare a handout, and organise a get together, so that he could take through potential scorers what would be required of them and ensure they would know what they were doing!


It was agreed that this was a good idea in terms of ensuring high quality scoring.


ACTION:  Pete would pass the handout to Allrounder, and find people who would be happy to score. A get together, if required, would then be organised





Going well. Vote of thanks to Allrounder





It was noted that if the secure page on the website containing these details needs updating, Allrounder will undertake.


ACTION if anyone has any changes to their contact details, they should E Mail them to allrounder@outcastscc.org.uk





It was anticipated that the regular events would continue, with the same organiser.


Other events were suggested, with the following leads:

* A ship Canal Trip by steamboat- Colin Cooper

* Crown Green Bowling- Les

*Eskdale Weekend- Steve (June/July)

* Snooker competition- Ron


ACTION: The named people to update on progress on these events






It was agreed that club funds should pay for the food for the AGM


It was agreed that a different date should be considered for the preparation of end of season accounts.

ACTION:  Colin to consider and report back


Les was thanked for his Chairmanship of the meeting, and attendees staggered off home.


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